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‘THE PERFECT DRESS’ Casting call

The Perfect Dress is an exciting new bridal fashion reality TV series for Slice Network, that focuses on a ‘Pop-Up’ Bridal boutique and its professional team; an ensemble of colourful, committed people from the world of fashion.

CASTING: 5 FASHION and RETAIL professionals

The ensemble members MUST live within 90 minutes of Toronto.

The Bridal Fashion Intern – a confident and engaging fashion design student or aspiring bridal stylist with that ‘Queen West’ style; retail experience not required; interest in bridal fashion a must.

The Bridal Consultant – this male bridal consultant is outspoken and strong-willed. He makes women feel like superstars. Fashion stylist.

The Office Manager – Speaks his/her mind and and protects the business side of the business and is often found pulling in favors. Retail management preferred; interest in bridal is a must.

The Bridal Boutique Receptionist – This big personality is the front line ambassador. A Fashion graduate, fashion blogger or anyone with a passion for fashion… and bridal fashion.

The Fashion Retail Marketer – this larger than life dynamo is an experienced fashion retail marketer with knowledge/experience in Pop-Up retail. He/she can get businesses up and running.  No bridal experience necessary.


• Photo and Resume/BIO

• 2 minute ‘WALK AND TALK’ VIDEO – can be shot with a home camcorder. Please shoot a lively, outspoken ‘walk and talk’ video, chatting directly to camera, as you tour a bridal salon, boutique or stroll through the fashion district, giving us your 3 most important tips/advice for either:

a) Brides when they are buying their wedding dress.

b) Marketing and managing a new retail operation.

*VIDEOS to be submitted through 

Must be at least 40MB and in .mov format

Please email all submissions materials to the Casting Director, Sue Skinner:

Casting link…

Questions? Contact Marilyn Fabrizio at 416 242-3910 or

Deadline for Photo, Resume and Video Submissions: TUESDAY, JANUARY 31ST


That 90s show

I have been a Simpsons fan since as long as I can remember. And this is not a blog about the Simpsons but when I saw this episode, I realized again and again how intelligent the show is. For those who think the Simpsons lost their touch, think again! Although this episode contradicts the entire 19 years of the shows existence, it’s entertaining. It relates to this site because of all the pop culture references…Frankfurt school anyone?

click on the link to view episode 

1911 That 90's Show