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Don’t I look like money?

p1050182Moving sucks because it makes finding your stuff even more difficult, that includes some of my most cherished clothing pieces, like my high waisted jeans.

It’s funny how those pieces become much more important when you can’t find them anymore, as if every outfit doesn’t work without them. So I went on the search for a pair and decided that this time, they’ll be even more special. I went over to Carte Blanche on Queen Street West again and tried on the high waisted raw jeans from Pink Cobra (the in house brand). I wanted to avoid getting Cheap Mondays or April 77’s because I want to expand my denim collection with various brands (obsession you all know). Unfortunately, the 27 had too much room in the crotch area and could manage to fit another human inside while the 25 wouldn’t button up. And they ran out of 26. Damn.

p1050184But, because they are nice to their customers and love when people wear items specifically from their in house brand, they offered to custom make me a pair, fitted to my body. Yay! They even went out and picked some swatches for me to choose from. The result? A measurement session on Thursday and a pick-up on Tuesday. That’s what I call service. Did I mention how the bill came to less than $200 tax in?

The staff is great to chat with, I recommend you pay them a visit if you’re ever a) in need of jeans, b) are in the area, or c) need to satisfy your expensive habit, like me! So stop hyperventilating, and go there…immediately!


Carte Blanche 758 Queen St West


Trustfund 3rd Annual Holiday Party


Hello Trustfunders,

Here is a ray of sunshine against the dense foggy mess that is your personal schedule during these holiday times of the year: The Trustfund Holiday Party is on Thursday, December 4th from 5 to 9pm.  We will be serving you delicious drinks (with or without hooch, naturally),  delightful holiday snacks (including homemade snickerdoodles), and of course loading you up with amazing gifts.
What gifts you might ask?  Well we’ll tell you.

Trustfund’s Gift Giving Ladder:

  • With your purchase of $100 or more you will get two $25 gift certificates ($50 value) that you can use in the new year.
  • With your purchase of $300 or more you will get the gift certificates plus a unisex Velvet cashmere-blended scarf  ($145 value) and a Splendid Tote ($15 value)
  • With your purchase of $400 or more you will get the gift certs, the scarf, and the tote plus either a Nudie Jeans Raw Denim Ipod Holder ($45 value) or a M0851 clutch ($85 value)
  • With your purchase of $500 or more you will get the gift certs, the scarf, the tote, and the Ipod holder or clutch, plus a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ($115 value)
Please note that this incredible promotion can only occur with the following stipulations: (1) Methods of payment to be eligible for the promotion are cash, debit, credit card, and gift certificate only.  Promo coupons and credit notes may be used at the holiday party but their value does not apply towards the Trustfund gift giving ladder.  (2) Purchases that qualify you for the Trustfund gift giving ladder can only be exchanged and are not returnable for a credit note.  Thank you for understanding.

Fritz Helder and The Phantoms

fotobooth21Having moved to Toronto just a few days ago, I was eager to begin networking. I had emailed blogger and fashion illustrator Danielle Meder last month letting her know I am moving and would like to get involved in the scene. Bloggers are the best. Why? Because they, unlike many people these days, respond to your emails. This is something I try to live by, to answer everyone between 24-48 hours.

Well I emailed Danielle again Sunday letting her know I’m here and she sends me an invite to the “Lagerfeld Lady” single + video release party for this band called Fritz Helder and the Phantoms at Strangelove in Little Italy. One problem – I was supposed to confirm with the publicist Sunday, it’s now Monday, so I try my luck and email her any way. Luckily, she turns out to be one of the nicest and most helpful publicists I’ve ever met and grants me access to this jam (yes I used the word jam). She also lets me know that Pastel Supernova and Diego Superstar from the band are originally from Ottawa!

So I dress up (luckily I did) and head out solo. Now, I don’t know what Danielle looks like because I didn’t think of Facebook stalking her or anything so this was going to be a challenge. I look around, then I run into the publicist who describes Danielle to me. I find Danielle and her entourage. Blogger Anita Clarke sits on her left, designer Philip Sparks on her right, and to his left Now Toronto’s Fashion Editor Andrew Sardone. Danielle mentions the firm I’ll be working at and I am happy to know most of them know the company well.

I like the location because it’s small and intimate and you have the opportunity to chat with everyone.

I notice cameras are all over the band and I can’t help but admire their style. The lead singer is wearing a pair of turquoise April 77’s (I was wearing my April’s too) and I was tempted to strike up a conversation about how great these jeans are but refrained myself. I kept staring at them for a bit and realized how much their look reminds me of Hercules and Love Affair.

The video starts playing, the Hercules and Love Affair vibe is growing but I see a little more of Prince (à la Erotic City) in the lead singer’s persona. It’s original and fresh, I’m enjoying it (you can too, see the video below).

Danielle introduces me to more people, including designer Nada Shepherd (who just showed at L’Oreal Fashion Week) and Gail McInnes (I spelt your name right this time…are you reading this?) Gail’s personality and personal style is great, she’s also one of those people who responds to your emails. Another thing about Gail? She knows everyone so she introduces me to the owner of Stylus Canada and Fabric Magazine, who, tum tum tum, studied at Carleton University (does everyone have a tiny attachment to Ottawa around here?).

fritzAfter chatting for a bit I head out, having thoroughly enjoyed the band and meeting all these great people. I look forward to more events like this, and seeing Justice at Circa tonight.

The Book of Denim

While in Toronto earlier this week, I stopped by Book City on Queen Street West and picked up a magazine I’ve been longing for.

Wad magazine, a publication that’s already beyond cool, did something even cooler, they released a denim issue. Various magazines like Nylon for example do this, however, after purchasing the $13 “book” and reading through it, it’s officially a collector’s issue that puts all those “denim issues” to shame. I will never ever purchase another denim issue again. This is it. It is definitely something that should be owned by all denim lovers.

The issue contains details on various brands, tons of spreads, a history of denim, a denim map (so cool), and much more. Wad also included praise denim quotes by designers and famous pop culture icons. Jeans were not the only items featured in the issue, the issue had all types of denim apparel like bags, shoes, custom denim, coloured, sporty, collaborations, types (warm, raw, light, stonewashed). The marketing department at Wad even went as far as to make sure all the advertisements within the issue are denim related. Tres cool. And for all the French people out there, the issue is billingual.

A Chat

While shopping downtown today, I got the chance to chat with Regine from Victoire. She informed me that the store is no longer selling April 77 jeans due to a fall out with the Canadian supplier. There you have it – confirmation. No more April’s in Ottawa. I did tell Regine that she should try something to get them back in store because they are only in Toronto at Carte Blanche and nowhere else. She said “we’ll see”. So if you love April’s and any other brands we don’t have here (there’s a lot we don’t have), suggest it to the store owners!

Also on my shopping trip, I was disappointed to see the lack of stores we have. Seriously, please, someone open up something else on the Dalhousie Strip!


My fascination for denim must come to an end! It’s a costly addiction, worst than alcohol, cigarettes or drug dependency. I am a recovering denimhead, trying only to look but not buy, and I slip once in awhile, especially when a beautiful person, whether male or female, is selling me these jeans. It makes it that much more interesting, just like the way a less attractive person becomes attractive when you’re intoxicated. On my recent trip to Toronto, I stopped by Carte Blanche on Queen Street West where I laid my eyes on a pair of beautiful raw April 77 Joey jeans. After chatting with the sales lady for over twenty minutes, who just so happens to be one of the most stunning women I have ever seen in my life, she swiped my credit card and I walked out of the store with a fresh pair of April’s, one of the rarest brands to find in Canada, which, surprisingly, can be found in Ottawa. The denim is thick and soft. These jeans are amazing, I love them dearly.

The coolest part? The small fifth pocket we are accustomed to is transformed into a shield like shape in order to fit a guitar pick. Better yet, not only do you get a fine pair of jeans, but once you explore the neat pocket you will find an April 77 guitar pick inside. Whether or not you play guitar, that’s pretty damn cool!

“Shield” like pocket with the guitar pick

Battle Royal: Ottawa Street Style VS. Youth League & the Spies

Ok so Tracie from Youth League happened to be at the same place as I was yesterday and therefore, we decided to have a battle, street style STYLE. We both wanted to snap Lucie who is terribly stylish both inside and out. She is quite the entrepreneur and hopper of various cities. What attracted me the most were her really dope silver Converse. I always wanted shiny sneakers but never bought them and now I think I should. Her whole ensemble was well put together and her lingo matched her outfit with words like “classy” being thrown around.

Now since Tracie has been working on something about sneakers, she decided to take her outside the office and take the picture outside. Here’s where Ottawa Street Style wins, YOU CAN’T STAGE STREET STYLE!!! Hehehehehehehehe, next week Tracie, same place, same time!



dope converse