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My Halloween Costume

Tomorrow is Halloween and I’ve been invited to a party where I am forced to wear a costume. I’ve been thinking of being a cigarette since last year but I never got around to finding the costume so now that I have like 24 hours to come up with a costume, I went back to my previous choices either Donatella Versace or Karl Lagerfeld.

I walked around most of the day looking for a costume shop or shops that sell costumes without any luck, until I walked into a small dollar store on Queen Street West that had a unicorn mask (haha Deyla) and a greyish long haired wig. Since my dresses are still in storage in Ottawa, I had to settle for the Karl look and skip the Donatella costume, although I really wanted to be Donatella and pass vodka bottles and cigarette packs to eager trick or treaters (kidding kidding – anyone see that SNL episode?).

Any way, the only thing missing from my Karl outfit is my black blazer which I also left in Ottawa somewhere so I am using my black leather jacket with silver zippers which will match my black bowtie I have and the pimp silver necklaces I’m lining up on top of my white chemise. The outfit basically looks like what Karl is wearing below, but the blazer is a tight leather jacket.


This is going to be crazy and the costume might even help strike up conversation with random people because I only know like 3 people there.Next year I am definitely going to try to be a cigarette, that’s like the most original costume ever, or an onion.

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Inspiration: Paul Newman

Sad news, Paul Newman passed away from cancer at home in Westport, Connecticut. The popular American actor was 83 years old. Paul had a long and successful Hollywood career. Best known for his charm and striking blue eyes (one of the sexiest older men I’ve ever seen), Paul has played leading roles in movies like Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Color of Money and more, but he was also a director, auto racing enthusiast and a humanitarian.

R.I.P. Paul, you’ll be missed.

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Inspiration – Goldfrapp

I love Goldfrapp! I mean look at what she’s wearing. Such a classic babe.

In other news, Cut Copy and The Presets will stop by Canada on their tour, however, they are skipping Ottawa. Quelle surprise! You must travel to Toronto or Montreal in order to catch them. Quelle malheur!

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Inspiration – Tasha Tilberg





Tasha, baby, I’ve been meaning to tell you…you’re really hot! You’re one of those women that makes other women really envious because they wished they looked like you – sort of in the same league as Charlize Theron, you know what I am talking about?

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you stare at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself, saying things like “God I’m good looking!” or “I can’t get over how good looking I am?” If I had your looks, those are things I would say to myself. I saw the Fashion Magazine spread back in March, it looks great. Congratulations on the Zink Canada cover and editorial spread. Well I am sure you’re busy and I seem to be getting more envious as I write this so I just thought I would let you know how most women feel about you.

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Inspiration – Mathias Lauridsen



Usually, this space is reserved for women. I don’t discriminate, mainly because this boy is very, and I do mean very, attractive. He’s like “throw your morals out the window” type of attractive.

Imagine being this guy’s brother, he totally killed your self esteem when it came to getting girls!

Oh and for all the women who were curious, he likes girls.

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Inspiration – Monica Vitti

The stunning Monica Vitti