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The Streets (CHEW FU fix)

Some music for everyone. Enjoy.

chew_fu_(Yousendit link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

(Zshare link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

(divshare link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

GiG_Dates in Australia ;
Sat Jan 10:  Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sat Jan 24:  Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sun Jan 25: Trinity Bar, Canberra
Sat Feb 14:  Empire, Brisbane

Tracklisting;Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set(ARTWORK ATTACHED/Photo;Manja Van Mastrigt)

0.The Streets-Get out of my house (Chew Fu H=H fix)
1.Wiley-Cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Small room fix)
2.Chew Fu-Chicks & Pills
3.Frank Sinatra-New York New York(Chew Fu Big room fix)
4.Frankie Finch & Chew Fu -Let it Go
5.Chew Fu & King B-hey Shawty
6.The Score-We Got You(Chew Fu refix)
7.Master SHortie-Rope Chain(Chew Fu refix)
8.Chew Fu & J-cast-Bakerstreet(Chew Fu Barfight fix)
9.Missy Elliott-Lick Shots(Chew Fu Refix)
10.Chew Fu & Popov-i`m the man in my city
11.Wiley-cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Big Room fix)
12.Depeche mode-enjoy the silence(Chew Fu fix)
13.OASIS-The Turning(Chew Fu Fix)
14.M.A.W.-Work(Chew Fu Fix)
15.Master Shortie-Dead end(Chew Fu Fix)
16.Busta & Link Park-We made it(Chew Fu Fix)
17.Chew Fu & Steve Clisby-Stand by me
18.the Doors-People are strange(Chew Fu Fix)
19.Kanye West – Love Lockdown(Chew Fu SMall room fix)


The Dinner Jacket

I heard about this magazine last month but did not get the opportunity to post anything about it. I got another email telling me to check out their October issue and I did.

The two ladies who are behind this (Ashley and Justyna) are very nice and seem to be on the right track. They also answer emails, that’s a plus as many people don’t and this is not a good sign. They are on time with their material and are networking well. Ashley and Justyna also managed to come up with a great name for their magazine.

I scanned through the content and I am quite fond of it. The photo shoots get better every issue and I am sure this magazine will eventually be a really cool online concept. The magazine also has a lot of material and it’s stuff I actually want to read about because it is sticking to local and national coverage.

Usually, online magazines are difficult to navigate but this Z Mag is easy to go through, making the online browsing quite simple. Check out their latest issue at

Make sure to also take a look at their blog for more information about The Dinner Jacket.

My only advice is to make the text a little more legible when it’s on a darker background (page 14, 53, 60-61) and to use different models. I would also like to see more work with local talent in terms of stylists, fashion photographers and designers (feel free to contact me for some resources).

Good luck ladies!


Although I’m not too fond of the song’s title, it’s still amazing – I’m totally hooked on it. I’m talking about Swedish duo Lo-Fi-Fnk’s song “Want U”.

Go to and listen to it, I’ve been playing it over and over for the past week and hope not to get sick of it (still not sick of Fred Falke’s remix of Golden Cage, it’s been on loop since like June).

Lo-Fi-Fnk seems to have a more grown up sound on this track (featured in the latest Kitsune compilation), unlike their album Boylife where they sounded really really young.

If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you introduce yourself, you might end up falling in love with the synthesizer.

picture from:

90210, without Beverly Hills

If the OC and Gossip Girl weren’t enough, 40 year old producers decided to resurrect a classic eight years after it went off the air. The beloved Beverly Hills 90210 from the 1990’s is now called “90210”. Although I have much to write about commodity fetishism within these teen soaps (thanks to that degree of mine) I won’t. Instead, I am going to focus on the outfits and the characters in this show. Please note, I don’t have television so I watched the episodes online in terrible quality, and I also decided to sit through five episodes instead of one like a trooper, so I can observe the outfits throughout the episodes (maybe they’ll get better).


My favourite website, Gawker, wrote about how hideous and disappointing the outfits were on the new 90210 and now I know – they weren’t kidding. I think it’s episode 3 where the character Naomi (who slightly resembles a young Charlize Theron) is wearing the ugliest denim outfit EVER (I can’t find a picture online). Come to think of it, she’s supposed to be the stylish, rich and pretty girl but yet her style is not even Abercrombie preppy, it’s just really bad.



The other characters, mainly the main character Annie, also has very blah style. Oh Shenae Grimes, she still looks like she’s playing Darcy from Degrassi except with a confidence boost and Toronto is now Beverly Hills. Now, in Annie’s case, it’s okay that her style is boring because she’s from Kansas and all (according to the show that’s supposed to be “ohhh so gross”) but what about the other characters who are born and raised in money money Beverly Hills?



Throughout the 40-minute episodes, the only one that had any decent outfits was Kelly’s little sister Erin Silver (the actress is smoking hot by the way except she’s f’n skinny).



And then there’s that druggie music-actor girl Adrianna who is also really really pretty, BUT seems to have had one of those terrible First Choice hair cuts we all got in the fifth grade, except at a much more socially crucial age. Seriously…someone do something about that hair do, there’s just too much hair! She’s so pretty but you can’t see it behind that awful ‘do. Who hired the wardrobe people and hair dressers on this show any way?




Okay, let’s talk about the males. First, Ethan (why did I know they were going to name him that?) is quirky and cute, and he’s also another Canadian actor from the Northwest Territories. The show is packed with Canadian actors and well, good for them, although I would like to see more Canadian shows. Moving back to the males, most of them are good looking, mainly that Ty Collins dude, except they look way too old to be in high school, which is always the case in teen soaps. When I go back to my memory and think of high school (it was not that long ago), I don’t remember any boys being a) that cute and b) looking that old and being so mature (sort of). Ty is like eleven feet tall, scores tickets to great bands, is actually respectable (until episode 5), and took Annie to San Francisco on the first date. Um, 16 year old boys are not usually like that. But even though Ty sweats money, money can’t buy the man style (see episode 4 as reference).



Another boy on the show with bad style is Annie’s adoptive brother Dixon. Actually, his style is really awful, but the good thing is, it actually reminds me of how boys dressed up in high school. The only boy with fashion sense that suits his personality is Navid Shirazi, the son of the porn king. What I find funny is, although the kid looks Persian or East Indian and has a name that is from that region, we’re told he’s Jewish. Good job casting.



In conclusion, the new cast is better looking than the previous one, except far less interesting and a much smaller budget has been spent on one of the most important elements for the rich – wardrobe and hair.


Annie, Naomi and Silver
Pictures from:

A failure in pastiche

Today’s post discusses advertising. Although not fashion related, I felt it necessary to discuss Moxie’s latest campaign as it relates to the “treating women as sexual objects and subject to the male gaze” topic that I’ve discussed here and here.

Moxie’s Bar and Grill has been known to hire girls for the following reasons:

a) they have blond hair

b) they are sexy and/or slutty

c) they are somewhat good looking

Before you say anything, I assure you, the feminists are already on it!

I want to talk about Moxie’s latest advertising campaign, “”. Please download the PDF here to see what I am talking about. All three ads are reminiscent of misogynistic Axe advertising. What’s more interesting is the website attached to this, visit Upon logging on, I was asked my age and province of residence (something usually associated with alcoholic beverages websites or porn related sites). Then I was asked to choose a female or male companion to play the “Mojo Game”. It doesn’t end there, I must make a move and I offer my companion a drink, there are three options and I opt for a Double Scotch, he chugs it (it’s a real model) and says “heat all the way down, like the heat I feel with you.” Now we are at dessert and I decide to give him some Cuban Chocolate Moose Cake. He says, “baby that’s what I like.” Wait, why did we skip dinner? The website then tells me I am in the mood for a little romance. I don’t understand the point of this game so I play again.

This time, I click on the woman and she’s much more sexy (not look wise but her voice and gestures) than that male companion I just wined and fed dessert to. She’s got way more chances with me then he does, hahah. Let’s start off with some drinks. My girl is “so glad she gave into this temptation” when I offer her a Raspberry Temptation. Now, I have the option of offering her dinner. WTF? Why was I not offered this option with the dude exactly? Anyway, I offer her Wild Salmon on Capellini, but before I do so, I wait a little bit and she starts checking herself out in the mirror. “Quintessential” female behaviour when we are bored for like two minutes, right? Oh Moxie’s you sure know women! Who is the art director for this thing any way? Back to dinner, my date inhales the meal and tells me it reminds her of Italy. I am 100% she’s never been but she starts saying something in Italian, probably about wanting to skip dessert, take me home and make out with me in the cab. Still unaware I am not the sex that interests her (but with a few more Raspberry Temptations, she may be (the Moxie’s logic)), the dessert menu arrives. I would take the cab offer but the website won’t allow me to skip dessert, and I think she’s going to love the Banana Carmel Xango. Success, she says it makes her “happy”. So once we are done our meal, this is what the website tells me:

You’re definitely feeling amorous today. Wine, warm ambiance and sensual food reflect your mood. Being a lover not a fighter means you’re always willing to go the extra mile to please. Let the tantalizing and endless possibilities at Moxie’s keep your romantic mood going”

Flooded with sexual innuendo, Moxie’s is really cutting it close here. Their print and billboard advertisements are sexist and mysoginistic. Their website is unnecessary and plain stupid. It reminds me of this website a guy in my grade 10 computer class used to visit called ROMP.COM. The other funny part is, Moxie’s is failing at copying a campaign that’s been done before. Word of advice, it’s better to fail at originality then to fail at pastiche, make sure your ad agency knows this.

The Book of Denim

While in Toronto earlier this week, I stopped by Book City on Queen Street West and picked up a magazine I’ve been longing for.

Wad magazine, a publication that’s already beyond cool, did something even cooler, they released a denim issue. Various magazines like Nylon for example do this, however, after purchasing the $13 “book” and reading through it, it’s officially a collector’s issue that puts all those “denim issues” to shame. I will never ever purchase another denim issue again. This is it. It is definitely something that should be owned by all denim lovers.

The issue contains details on various brands, tons of spreads, a history of denim, a denim map (so cool), and much more. Wad also included praise denim quotes by designers and famous pop culture icons. Jeans were not the only items featured in the issue, the issue had all types of denim apparel like bags, shoes, custom denim, coloured, sporty, collaborations, types (warm, raw, light, stonewashed). The marketing department at Wad even went as far as to make sure all the advertisements within the issue are denim related. Tres cool. And for all the French people out there, the issue is billingual.

It’s not easy bein’ green