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Trustfund 3rd Annual Holiday Party


Hello Trustfunders,

Here is a ray of sunshine against the dense foggy mess that is your personal schedule during these holiday times of the year: The Trustfund Holiday Party is on Thursday, December 4th from 5 to 9pm.  We will be serving you delicious drinks (with or without hooch, naturally),  delightful holiday snacks (including homemade snickerdoodles), and of course loading you up with amazing gifts.
What gifts you might ask?  Well we’ll tell you.

Trustfund’s Gift Giving Ladder:

  • With your purchase of $100 or more you will get two $25 gift certificates ($50 value) that you can use in the new year.
  • With your purchase of $300 or more you will get the gift certificates plus a unisex Velvet cashmere-blended scarf  ($145 value) and a Splendid Tote ($15 value)
  • With your purchase of $400 or more you will get the gift certs, the scarf, and the tote plus either a Nudie Jeans Raw Denim Ipod Holder ($45 value) or a M0851 clutch ($85 value)
  • With your purchase of $500 or more you will get the gift certs, the scarf, the tote, and the Ipod holder or clutch, plus a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ($115 value)
Please note that this incredible promotion can only occur with the following stipulations: (1) Methods of payment to be eligible for the promotion are cash, debit, credit card, and gift certificate only.  Promo coupons and credit notes may be used at the holiday party but their value does not apply towards the Trustfund gift giving ladder.  (2) Purchases that qualify you for the Trustfund gift giving ladder can only be exchanged and are not returnable for a credit note.  Thank you for understanding.

The New Swedish Empire

WHAT? Swedish Trunk Show event

WHO? Trust Fund Boutique in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy

WHERE? Trust Fund Boutique 493 Sussex Drive

WHEN? Wednesday, March 26th, from 6-9PM


They might send another email to RSVP to the event.Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


5) To my knowledge, or perhaps I haven’t dug deep enough into your archives and in which case I apologize, you haven’t given any kudos to Tiger of Sweden or Tretorn. These two amazing lines are gaining great momentum: Tiger is very unique and while Tretorn’s boots are so cute, durable and affordable. They will both also showcase new items currently unavailable in Ottawa.

4) Nudies is going to arrive with some new styles that aren’t currently available in the store so it’s a great chance to see what other great denim they have to offer. This would be a great way to update the Nudies section of your website!

3) Each designer will offer a gift with purchase. For instance, Nudie is going to have Tshirts and boxer briefs on hand. Who doesn’t like getting presents?

2) …and who doesn’t like nibbling and sipping away on yummy appetizers and drinks? Not to mention that the embassy will bring along plenty of people from their Swedish posse, and the Swedes are known to be quite a yummy bunch themselves!

1) Why not ponder a little more on your “What can the Swedes not do?” query written under the February 17th posting for ‘Love is shit, it’s only trouble. Julian Red’. Indeed!

Tight Long John

The Back

The Front
The Whiskers

Nudie’s have skyrocketed in popularity in the past year. The Scandinavian brand is known for having instructions on their website regarding how to care for your raw denim, including the infamous put them in the freezer when they begin smelling! 

I bought a pair of Unisex Tight Long John in a lighter summer denim this past April. Unfortunately, I am not devoted enough to put them in the freezer, and after one too many days and nights on the streets, they were sent to the dry cleaners twice! But the whiskers in the back are coming in and the lip balm I carry in my right pocket has started to show fading. 

Here’s a few pictures of mine and on a model!