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Contributors, contributors, wherever you are

Ottawa Street Style is looking for street style photo contributors. If you are interested, please email ottawastreet [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.


And so our first year in the Street Clash ended…we did not make the Top 32. Disapointment, no one really saw the importance of putting Sarah our stylish 11 year old up there. Sure her outfit didn’t scream too too awesome, but for God’s sakes an 11 year old put that outfit together, she deserves the first prize…enough said!
Maybe next year!

Standings for Street Clash

the competition has just begun and its getting heated! we are not last place and WE ARE BEATING TORONTO woo hoo! We’ve only been online for a month. PLEASE VOTE FOR OTTAWA’S STYLISH 11 YEAR OLD. go to and cast your votes for us!

Vote for us in the Street Clash

Ottawa Street Style is participating in a blog competition for people who have le best style! Vote for our 11 year old Sarah for being so young and stylish to win the prize!
This is how it works:

One photo will go up for each participating city.

Readers will vote from 1-10 on a collection of street fashion photos from around the world.

The 32 highest-scoring cities will advance to STREET CLASH, where two cities will compete each week, until there’s a winner. Good idea? I think so. It’ll go something like the diagram above, with cities instead of numbers though…