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Help Ottawa’s fashion market

If you’re an Ottawa resident then I suggest you take a few moments for this survey. It’s about the fashion/shopping market in Ottawa. Take it, pass it to your friends and hopefully, something good will come out of it. You never know what [brands] it may bring.

Click here to take survey


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  1. I tried to fill this out, but to be honest I had a lot of problems with it and gave up.

    First off it’s specifically targeting women, which is cool, but you should say that.

    Secondly it asks which area of ottawa you shop in. If you dont’ shop in Ottawa then this is void, and so there should at least be an “other” option.

    You also don’t have the option for zero shopping trips in the three month period, (or at least zero-1).
    I would also so that how much you spend on tops and pants should be separate things. I’m quite willing to spend a lot more on pants than a shirt for example.

    Also while some guys certainly look great in a dress, I unfortunately do not, and therefore the question asking me how much I spend on dresses doesn’t quite cover me.

    I hope this doesn’t come as an attack or seem rude. Just trying to help out, as I’m sure any research in the end would only benefit me and maybe allow me to get what I want without going across the world to get it.


  2. No worries, I’ll pass it along to the person in charge. thanks for the feedback.

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