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I started this website (then hosted at blogspot) back in May 2007 while I was still a university student trying to build up a fashion industry in Ottawa. The goal was to  take pictures of people who have rad style on the streets of Ottawa, while keeping readers informed about fashion and lifestyle related events in Ottawa, the local shops and to talk about my fascination with raw denim. It also included various opinion pieces about the Ottawa fashion scene. Upon graduating, I moved to another city to pursue my career. As much I tried to maintain it, my lack of visits to Ottawa (none at all) have rendered it impossible. This site is very dear to me and receives a large amount of traffic daily. Therefore, the website now relies on the contributions of various people who like to take photos. If you’re interested in contributing to Ottawa Street Style, Ottawa’s first fashion and street style blog, feel free to send me an email ottawastreet[at]gmail[dot]com

If you are interested in contributing to the site, please email me at  ottawastreet[at]

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