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Lessons learned (and notes-to-self) on this round of Ottawa Street Style encounters…

From contributor Payton Kennedy payton.kennedy[at]gmail[dot]com


You’re never too young to look cute while scootering.

Who? Tallulah
Occupation? Grade 5 Student
Style Icon? My sister Jane
Where’d you get that? My friend Jessica made my necklace, my sneakers are from Payless, and my hoody is a hand-me-down … from my sister Jane
Describe your style: A little punk … pants and skirts together … skinny jeans
What are you listening to these days? Avril Lavigne

There’s just something about colour …

Who? Jaclynn
Occupation? Assistant Manager, Le Chateau
Style Icon? Me!
3 Style Tips? Be comfortable, dress colourfully, wear clothes that fit
What are you listening to these days? Blind Melon


Who? Erum
Occupation? Hair stylist, York Street Spa
Where’d you get that? Dorothy at York Street does my hair, I got my boots at Rideau Centre, can’t remember the name of the store!
What are your style “commandments”? Great hair, lip gloss, boots!
What are you listening to these days? Indie rock, funk, house and sou


You’re never too old to old to “push it”.

Who? Pascal
Occupation: Government employee, student finishing up a degree in Mathematics
Where’d you get that? My biker jacket is from Ragtime Vintage; my shoes are Steve Madden from Winners
What do you love? Vintage clothing, snowboarding, playing soccer
Any style tips? For men’s clothing, fit is everything. And I try to push it, take some risks. When I hit my 30’s, I’ll probably be more conservative.
What are you listening to these days? French Hip Hop
What’s your favourite thing about Ottawa? The size of the city


Bike Hunter

A friend of mine who had a really cool bike moved away recently and she took her bike with her. I never got the chance to take a picture of her wonderful bicyclette. Since the weather has been lovely lately, the bikes are out in full force and so I had one mission in mind while walking yesterday: to find cool bikes and photograph them.

Since my bike got stolen in front of my grandparents’ house in 7th grade, I was very reluctant to get attached to another one. I used to be a solid biker, not the speedo wearing kind but the crazy kid that used to bike to the end of the earth then go back home and do it again.

I recently got two bikes but due to time, I barely have the chance to ride them. If you have a cool bike you’d like to share, let Ottawa Street Style know!