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Movie Night – Ottawa

My friends at Alliance sent this along:

April 14th at 7pm/Empire 7 Cinemas – 111 Albert Street

Following the screening guests are invited to Heart & Crown (Byward) – 67 Clarence Street to mingle and received a complimentary gift bag full of swag. RSVP to with “Movie Night Ottawa” in the subject line. Must be 19+, reply by Friday April 10.


The Streets (CHEW FU fix)

Some music for everyone. Enjoy.

chew_fu_(Yousendit link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

(Zshare link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

(divshare link)
Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set

The Streets-Get Out Of My House(Chew Fu H=H fix)

GiG_Dates in Australia ;
Sat Jan 10:  Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sat Jan 24:  Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sun Jan 25: Trinity Bar, Canberra
Sat Feb 14:  Empire, Brisbane

Tracklisting;Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set(ARTWORK ATTACHED/Photo;Manja Van Mastrigt)

0.The Streets-Get out of my house (Chew Fu H=H fix)
1.Wiley-Cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Small room fix)
2.Chew Fu-Chicks & Pills
3.Frank Sinatra-New York New York(Chew Fu Big room fix)
4.Frankie Finch & Chew Fu -Let it Go
5.Chew Fu & King B-hey Shawty
6.The Score-We Got You(Chew Fu refix)
7.Master SHortie-Rope Chain(Chew Fu refix)
8.Chew Fu & J-cast-Bakerstreet(Chew Fu Barfight fix)
9.Missy Elliott-Lick Shots(Chew Fu Refix)
10.Chew Fu & Popov-i`m the man in my city
11.Wiley-cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Big Room fix)
12.Depeche mode-enjoy the silence(Chew Fu fix)
13.OASIS-The Turning(Chew Fu Fix)
14.M.A.W.-Work(Chew Fu Fix)
15.Master Shortie-Dead end(Chew Fu Fix)
16.Busta & Link Park-We made it(Chew Fu Fix)
17.Chew Fu & Steve Clisby-Stand by me
18.the Doors-People are strange(Chew Fu Fix)
19.Kanye West – Love Lockdown(Chew Fu SMall room fix)

Contributors, contributors, wherever you are

Ottawa Street Style is looking for street style photo contributors. If you are interested, please email ottawastreet [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Missing you

Other than the usual stuff most humans miss when they are away from a place they called home for so long (friends, family, etc), there are a few other things that I miss about Ottawa. I semi miss the summer days of walking down Bank Street and being called a hipster by one particular friend. Actually, she’d yell hipster (you know who you are)! I definitely miss a) Bridgehead b) Planet Coffee and c) aspects of the University of Ottawa. I never thought I would ever write “bring something only found in Ottawa to Toronto” but I’m going to do it now, so here it is: PLEASE BRING A BRIDGEHEAD HERE…NOW.

Oh, and I also miss those random nights at Babylon for Disorganised. So does Deyla, who also lives in Toronto now.

The horror stories about the bus strike and the infinite amount of snow Ottawa is getting is making Toronto feel more like home, aside from the fact that my career and condo are both here. In Ottawa, I was merely a student. But if there’s one more positive thing I could add about Ottawa it would definitely be the city’s snow removal program. I complained endlessly about this system year after year because it continously blocks the scarce parking downtown but after suffering through Toronto’s snow removal system, I can honestly say Ottawa really knows how to remove snow. Toronto could learn a thing or two from them because even though we do not have nearly as much snow as the Capital  in T.O., it looks like we got more since they have no idea how to remove snow properly here.

J’en peu plus – musique 2008

It just dawned on me that my university GPA would’ve been much higher if I didn’t spend so much time at the library discussing music over homework and scrolling through music blogs instead of Virtual Campus. Oh well, I ended up graduating with a good GPA and a HUGE music collection. So huge in fact that my Macbook Pro went from 100GB to a mere 12GB. Thank you Morisset library for 1) the inspiration and 2) bringing people together during the most social time of the year, finals. I will forever be thankful to you and to the University of Ottawa’s disastrous VPN client.

So as 2008 comes to a close, I begin thinking back at all the songs that I obsessed over throughout the year. These are the tunes that kept up with the loop button on the ipod (which likes to freeze on shuffle mode and ends up stopping during a great tune, leaving you incapable of completing your magnificient dance moves).

Compiling this list also made me realize that I listen to way too many remixes (Arty are you nodding in approval yet?). Sometimes I forget what the original sounds like altogether. This list is seriously, in the words of George Michael, for the feet. Please note, some are old school songs but were on repeat nonetheless! Also note that when reading through this list, make sure your body parts are coordinated and 100% focused because they’ll all be taking part in the dance marathon you’ll be participating in afterwards. Without further adue, here’s the list that’s more essential than the BBC radio 1 mixes. I would like to dedicate this to Bear, Arty and Dre, all who have strong connections to this list even though we are all at various corners across the world.

  1. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Aeroplane Pop mix)
  2. Junior Boys – FM (Tensnake remix)*
  3. Maurice Fulton mix for Pig Radio
  4. Kinky Foxx – So Different*
  5. Yazoo – Situation (Hercules & Love Affair remix)*
  6. Lo-Fi-Fnk – Want U*
  7. Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)*
  8. Fleetwood Mac – Never Forget (Cut Copy remix)*
  9. Emergency – Too Much (Shazam remix)*
  10. Air France – Collapsing at your doorstep
  11. Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick
  12. Grovesnor – Drive your car (Hot Chip remix)
  13. Prince – Erotic City*
  14. The Teenagers – Homecoming*
  15. The Teenagers – French Kiss
  16. The Radio Dept – Freddie and the Trojan Horse
  17. Crookers – Gypsy P
  18. Charlie Smalls – Never Felt Like This Before*
  19. Player – Baby Come Back
  20. The Klaxons – As Above, So Below (Justice remix)*
  21. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane remix)*
  22. Digitalism – Idealistic*
  23. Brendan Canning – Hit the Wall
  24. The Twelves – Works For me*
  25. Ted & Francis – I wish I was a polar bear (Arctic Urgency edit)
  26. Phoenix – If I ever feel better, I’ll go to the disco – Said the Buffalo Bunch*
  27. Van She – So High
  28. Van She – Changes
  29. Van She – Sex City (The Teenagers Remix)
  30. Sebastien Tellier – Look
  31. Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Moulinex Remix)
  32. Sebastien Tellier – Pomme
  33. Lykke Li – Little Bit*
  34. Little Boots – Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix)*
  35. X&Hell – My Fkn Hat (produced by Shazam)
  36. U-Tern – Pop Lock*
  37. Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth
  38. Juan Maclean – Resident Advisor Podcast 2008-01-14
  39. Juan Maclean – Happy House
  40. Jocko – Rhythm Talk*
  41. The Virgins – Rich Girls
  42. Cut Copy – Lights & Music (Moulinex Remix)*
  43. Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song (RAC remix)
  44. Fleetwood Mac – Tell me Lies*
  45. Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy*
  46. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind*
  47. Peter Sarstedt – Where do you go to my lovely*
  48. Pnau – With you forever
  49. Pnau – Baby (Breakbot remix)*
  50. Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor*
  51. One Hand Loves The Other – Don’t know (Treasure Fingers remix)
  52. Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (Lifelike remix)*
  53. Thieves Like Us – Declarations
  54. Mr. Oizo – Yves
  55. DJ Illo – 1979 shake
  56. Cut Copy – Stars*
  57. Top Billin’ – Willing*
  58. Cut Copy – Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)*
  59. George Michael – Too Funky
  60. Black Kids – I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend (The Twelves Remix)*
  61. Erlend Oye – Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix)
  62. Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull – Center Stage (Curses! Remix)
  63. Rufus Wainwright – Chelsea Hotel No 2 (Leonard Cohen cover)*
  64. Golden Bug – Barbie’s Back (warning this song is terribly graphic)
  65. Louis Laroché – Peach*
  66. Girl Talk – Let me see you
  67. CSS – Move (Cut Copy remix)*
  68. Zingone featuring Nina – Auto Remix Happy face*
  69. Hot Chip – A Glue Too Thick*
  70. LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous
  71. Scenario Rock – Hard Task
  72. Scenario Rock – Skitzo Dancer (part 1)
  73. Johan Agebjorn & Sally Shapiro – Pig Radio Mix*
  74. Atmosphere – Shhh…
  75. Radiohead – Videotape (Ring Trick mix)*
  76. Diplo featuring Rye Rye – Wassup Wassup
  77. Daft Punk – Something about us (Eastar remix)*
  78. Low Motion Disco – Things are gonna get easier
  79. Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – Meet Me In The Garden*
  80. Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit (Beehives album version) this one will be on every list I compile. You know why? Because it’s phenomenal, that’s why, so live with it always being here!*


I believe there are some technical difficulties with the website, i.e some pictures are not being displayed (only on Firefox, no problems with Safari). Please bare with me as I try to sort this out (damn you photobucket). Supposedly, if a lot of people click on the pictures, it blows your bandwidth through the roof. I guess I need to find another option since OSS gets many visitors per day that want to see the pictures. I’m fixing it, I promise it shouldn’t be long.

90210, without Beverly Hills

If the OC and Gossip Girl weren’t enough, 40 year old producers decided to resurrect a classic eight years after it went off the air. The beloved Beverly Hills 90210 from the 1990’s is now called “90210”. Although I have much to write about commodity fetishism within these teen soaps (thanks to that degree of mine) I won’t. Instead, I am going to focus on the outfits and the characters in this show. Please note, I don’t have television so I watched the episodes online in terrible quality, and I also decided to sit through five episodes instead of one like a trooper, so I can observe the outfits throughout the episodes (maybe they’ll get better).


My favourite website, Gawker, wrote about how hideous and disappointing the outfits were on the new 90210 and now I know – they weren’t kidding. I think it’s episode 3 where the character Naomi (who slightly resembles a young Charlize Theron) is wearing the ugliest denim outfit EVER (I can’t find a picture online). Come to think of it, she’s supposed to be the stylish, rich and pretty girl but yet her style is not even Abercrombie preppy, it’s just really bad.



The other characters, mainly the main character Annie, also has very blah style. Oh Shenae Grimes, she still looks like she’s playing Darcy from Degrassi except with a confidence boost and Toronto is now Beverly Hills. Now, in Annie’s case, it’s okay that her style is boring because she’s from Kansas and all (according to the show that’s supposed to be “ohhh so gross”) but what about the other characters who are born and raised in money money Beverly Hills?



Throughout the 40-minute episodes, the only one that had any decent outfits was Kelly’s little sister Erin Silver (the actress is smoking hot by the way except she’s f’n skinny).



And then there’s that druggie music-actor girl Adrianna who is also really really pretty, BUT seems to have had one of those terrible First Choice hair cuts we all got in the fifth grade, except at a much more socially crucial age. Seriously…someone do something about that hair do, there’s just too much hair! She’s so pretty but you can’t see it behind that awful ‘do. Who hired the wardrobe people and hair dressers on this show any way?




Okay, let’s talk about the males. First, Ethan (why did I know they were going to name him that?) is quirky and cute, and he’s also another Canadian actor from the Northwest Territories. The show is packed with Canadian actors and well, good for them, although I would like to see more Canadian shows. Moving back to the males, most of them are good looking, mainly that Ty Collins dude, except they look way too old to be in high school, which is always the case in teen soaps. When I go back to my memory and think of high school (it was not that long ago), I don’t remember any boys being a) that cute and b) looking that old and being so mature (sort of). Ty is like eleven feet tall, scores tickets to great bands, is actually respectable (until episode 5), and took Annie to San Francisco on the first date. Um, 16 year old boys are not usually like that. But even though Ty sweats money, money can’t buy the man style (see episode 4 as reference).



Another boy on the show with bad style is Annie’s adoptive brother Dixon. Actually, his style is really awful, but the good thing is, it actually reminds me of how boys dressed up in high school. The only boy with fashion sense that suits his personality is Navid Shirazi, the son of the porn king. What I find funny is, although the kid looks Persian or East Indian and has a name that is from that region, we’re told he’s Jewish. Good job casting.



In conclusion, the new cast is better looking than the previous one, except far less interesting and a much smaller budget has been spent on one of the most important elements for the rich – wardrobe and hair.


Annie, Naomi and Silver
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