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A failure in pastiche

Today’s post discusses advertising. Although not fashion related, I felt it necessary to discuss Moxie’s latest campaign as it relates to the “treating women as sexual objects and subject to the male gaze” topic that I’ve discussed here and here.

Moxie’s Bar and Grill has been known to hire girls for the following reasons:

a) they have blond hair

b) they are sexy and/or slutty

c) they are somewhat good looking

Before you say anything, I assure you, the feminists are already on it!

I want to talk about Moxie’s latest advertising campaign, “”. Please download the PDF here to see what I am talking about. All three ads are reminiscent of misogynistic Axe advertising. What’s more interesting is the website attached to this, visit Upon logging on, I was asked my age and province of residence (something usually associated with alcoholic beverages websites or porn related sites). Then I was asked to choose a female or male companion to play the “Mojo Game”. It doesn’t end there, I must make a move and I offer my companion a drink, there are three options and I opt for a Double Scotch, he chugs it (it’s a real model) and says “heat all the way down, like the heat I feel with you.” Now we are at dessert and I decide to give him some Cuban Chocolate Moose Cake. He says, “baby that’s what I like.” Wait, why did we skip dinner? The website then tells me I am in the mood for a little romance. I don’t understand the point of this game so I play again.

This time, I click on the woman and she’s much more sexy (not look wise but her voice and gestures) than that male companion I just wined and fed dessert to. She’s got way more chances with me then he does, hahah. Let’s start off with some drinks. My girl is “so glad she gave into this temptation” when I offer her a Raspberry Temptation. Now, I have the option of offering her dinner. WTF? Why was I not offered this option with the dude exactly? Anyway, I offer her Wild Salmon on Capellini, but before I do so, I wait a little bit and she starts checking herself out in the mirror. “Quintessential” female behaviour when we are bored for like two minutes, right? Oh Moxie’s you sure know women! Who is the art director for this thing any way? Back to dinner, my date inhales the meal and tells me it reminds her of Italy. I am 100% she’s never been but she starts saying something in Italian, probably about wanting to skip dessert, take me home and make out with me in the cab. Still unaware I am not the sex that interests her (but with a few more Raspberry Temptations, she may be (the Moxie’s logic)), the dessert menu arrives. I would take the cab offer but the website won’t allow me to skip dessert, and I think she’s going to love the Banana Carmel Xango. Success, she says it makes her “happy”. So once we are done our meal, this is what the website tells me:

You’re definitely feeling amorous today. Wine, warm ambiance and sensual food reflect your mood. Being a lover not a fighter means you’re always willing to go the extra mile to please. Let the tantalizing and endless possibilities at Moxie’s keep your romantic mood going”

Flooded with sexual innuendo, Moxie’s is really cutting it close here. Their print and billboard advertisements are sexist and mysoginistic. Their website is unnecessary and plain stupid. It reminds me of this website a guy in my grade 10 computer class used to visit called ROMP.COM. The other funny part is, Moxie’s is failing at copying a campaign that’s been done before. Word of advice, it’s better to fail at originality then to fail at pastiche, make sure your ad agency knows this.