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Watch my feet, watch my feet

Sorry Vic but your husband wins this round! To tell you the truth, I have never enjoyed any of Marc Jacobs’ advertisements. I feel like they [the ads] try too hard, just like Dov Charney and the pretentious people who aim to “shock” at American Apparel.

I wonder, do Victoria and David discuss their latest campaigns at the dinner table? Did Victoria get jealous of David, which led to her getting the Jacobs contract? I just hate it when people try different things and fail miserably at it. Stick to what you know how to do, in Victoria’s case, I am not quite sure what that is.

Oh, and this seems to be another case of Versace. Remove celebrities from fashion advertising, it’s not a Pepsi commercial.

Pictures from


Here are more highlights from MFW. Yeah, my assistant was right, we did stare at this girl for awhile and she did turn out to be the project runway Canada designer. I made an arrow to show you how we got her in the picture (I realized it was her today – I don’t have television!).

Marie-Genevieve Cyr

Marie Genevieve Cyr from Project Runway Canada

I love Marc…but his new look is pissing me off! He’s no longer the same man.

Probably the only cool shirt from this entire line

Gypsie woman
The Gypsie buyer – I wish you could’ve seen the whole ensemble…

Another Magazine is $17, at MFW, it was FREE! So was Elle Quebec, Zink! Canada and Naked Eye

And more shots of the Helmer show. I was personally not impressed with the collection or the models but hey, the music was good and the set-up is great so I enjoyed the show!

On the catwalk yeah