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Non, ce n’est pas magnifique.

As if American Vogue’s celebrity whoring isn’t enough (I thought In-Style was the celebrity style magazine?), Lancome has decided to use Anne Hathaway (of all people) in their new ad campaign. Out of all the celebrities out there, you couldn’t think of anyone else?

Okay, I know this was announced back in mid-June but I just saw the life sized poster of the Scam Artist Dating Princess Diaries star this afternoon. I just don’t like her. She pisses me off, a lot. She has a slight nerdy charm to her but I don’t find she exudes anything special. Plus, she’s one of those celebrities that gives her opinion on topics she clearly doesn’t understand (i.e. politics) and she dated an Italian scam artist but alledgedly “didn’t know” he was a scam artist. Right. How clueless can you be?

This brings me to my next comment: I just don’t understand fashion anymore. Models are working their butts off attending castings to grace the pages of fashion magazines for a reason. What do people who appreciate fashion (like me) get instead of models? Celebrities. Celebrities already get all the press and money, why take over a models job? First, celebrities cannot perfect posing like models can and they do not nearly look as good in the clothing. Second, it’s not like models are lining up to get cast as the female lead in the next Hollywood blockbuster – they know their place, so know yours, celebs. Ugh.

Let’s talk about one of the most notorious celebrity lovers –  Anna Wintour. Ms. Wintour continously uses celebrities on the cover of Vogue to sell magazines – even if the cover is absolutely terrible (September issue with Keira anyone?). She is also notorious for recycling content issue after issue and bringing us dull editorials featuring none other than those celebrities she so loves  (reference: October issue on newsstands now, Rachel Weisz cover girl and back to Sept issue with Keira). WHERE ARE ALL THE MODELS? Celebrities do not pose as well as models for these magazines, it’s not their job so stop it, please. Yes I enjoy repetition. Someone please remind Anna that she is the editor of a FASHION magazine and NOT a celebrity fashion and lifestyle magazine. If I wanted to read about Angelina’s latest outfit, I’d pick up an issue of People or US Weekly. Please, leave the celebrities where they belong and bring my models back.

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