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Here today, gone tomorrow!

I’ve been writing quite a few letters and posting them on the blog as of late…just for fun. But I realized that they might actually get attention from people that matter (i.e. those they are directed to). A few times in the past couple of months, I’ve written a post about something or someone and received an email almost instantly from the person or representative of that company answering me. So this is far fetched but I am going to try it out. A letter that will never (or maybe will) be read to the one and only Donatella Versace.



Dear Donatella,

For the past ten years, I have sat down and watched you take a classic and established brand (thanks to your brother Gianni) and shred its reputation to bits. Take this letter as an intervention. For the sake of the Versace name, please stop using celebs in the ad campaigns! Since you’ve destroyed pretty much anything worthy about Versace, I have become anti your brand but I do get disappointed when I see celebrities wearing your clothes in the advertisements. Have you sunk so low? The celebrities “model replacement program” stopped a few years ago, why are you one of the only brands STILL using celebrities? With all honesty, Donna (is that ok for me to call you that?), I loved looking at Jonathan Rhys-Meyers but, you are including the most mainstream type of celebrities (read: Patrick Dempsey) in there. You and I both know that in two years time, these boys and girls will be washed up and their fans will know them for what they USED to be. Whoever is taking care of your advertising, get them to call my people and we’ll work it out. Promise.

Ottawa Street Style



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All too familiar



What’s happening here? No naked people, no women on the floor, no overt sexuality, no ethnicity, and could it be, a D&G ad with no edge? Wait a minute…I’ve seen this ad before! It looks familiar. Hmm, this looks like a case of Burberry. Oh right, Testino shot this! Are we running out of ideas for fashion photography or something?

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Life is just a [glossy] fantasy

Remember that Dolce & Gabbana ad that came out in March of last year? You know…the one that caused massive outrage and was banned from certain countries? Well, any way, I call the ad, for lack of a good name or maybe just to go along with the imagery, ‘Gang Rape is a Good Thing.’ (NOT THAT I THINK IT IS A GOOD THING OR ENDORSE GANG RAPE WHATSOEVER).

D&G, known for their provocative and edgy advertising campaigns, did not necessarily see the problem with 4 dudes watching another dude take down a beautiful woman by her wrists in a form of “I am so about to bang you right now!” type of pose. D&G claims, they were simply trying to capture a male fantasy. RIGHT. Because every man (at least the ones I know) wants 4 other of his friends, all equally as glossy, to watch him rape a girl in her D&G outfit, and then when he’s done with her, his buddies get their share.

In my opinion, this might as well be another AXE ad because it is (like I had mentioned before in Ohhh les hommes) representing women as sex objects and is very, very degrading. No matter how many times a company apologizes for putting it out, the fact of the matter is, they still did.

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Spring Shoes Advertisement

I apologize sincerely for the terrible scanning job on this ad. It was quite a large magazine.



Will these be on the runway soon?


Oh the French. Usually known for praising philosophers, journalists or renowned authors and professors, this time they get their message across by using none other than Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

French drivers will soon be required to keep security vests and flashing red warning triangles in every car. Drivers will have to use the vest and triangle every time they pull over with an emergency, according to France’s road security division.

Fines of up to €135 ($209) will go into effect Oct. 1 as incentive for drivers to take Lagerfeld’s fashion advice.

The English translation of the caption reads, “It’s yellow, it’s ugly, it doesn’t go with anything, but it could save your life.” True that.

I personally like the ad. It reminds me more of a luxury car commercial but the copy does get the message across quite well.

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Where are all the foreign looking models?




I really like the Burberry campaign shot by wonderful photographer Mario Testino. However, I’ve been looking at Burberry ads for a long time and there is always a lack of ethnicity in their campaigns. The most ethnic they’ve gone was when they featured Naomi Campbell in their ads.

The brand should keep in mind that in order to keep a bond with England, they should represent its people. The country is filled with minorities. It would be nice to mash it up once in awhile. Maybe its because I live in Canada and the industry here features more ethnic looking models to balance our multicultural society.

My thoughts any way.

I do very much respect Burberry for steering clear of extremely provocative campaigns.

And, props to Testino for shooting over 10 models in one shot!

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Ohhh les hommes


Someone’s libido must’ve been on overdrive when this concept was formulated! It’s quite creative I must admit AND the creator has also managed to keep Axe’s mandate in mind: degrading women and presenting them merely as sex objects in their advertisements.