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Tickets for Fashion Cures a la Mode

FCM_Web FlyerFashion Cures a la Mode, Ottawa’s big fashion event, is next week (Nov 4-Nov 7). Get your tickets HERE. Good fashion for a great cause.

Tickets are also available at these locations:

Le Spa – 421 MacLaren Street
The Loft – 380 Elgin Street
Murale Place – Place d’Orleans™ – Place d’Orleans™ Drive – CASH ONLY
Second Cup – 171 Dalhousie Street
Victoire Boutique – 246 Dalhousie Street


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  1. Yawn, stretch , groan…

    Ottawa has no street style – For almost 5 months its streets are inhabitable and then there’s no sense of style just raw amounts of disposable money available to a select few families of high paid government execs or silicon valley north robots. Don’t fool yourself – you will give yourself an ulcer searching for any sense of sophistication in that city. It is third level at best and will always be that way because it refuses to make room for anything creative that is not designed by privileged committee!

  2. I think every city has his style
    Love your site

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