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New Paintings Living with Architecture


Paul Sharp -New Paintings Living with Architecture

May 22-28

Vernisage May 22

La Petite Mort Gallery (306 Cumberland Street)

Living with Architecture:

These paintings deal with architecture, and how we live with it. In my younger days I wanted to become an architect, it seemed like such a powerful profession. When I found out that math and logic would be such an integral component in an architect’s career I dropped the idea and started to use it as an inspiration in my painting. Our world is what we have made it over the years, but we take our surroundings for granted. We don’t often think about the work that when into making the world we see. In these paintings I am attempting to show how invisible the work of the world has become by making the buildings almost transparent and raw. The characters in my paintings go about ignoring the past that is built up around them. They play, shop, fight work and walk amongst history without paying it a second thought. People are living, they are doing things, and the viewer is invited to watch them live. Those who ignore their place in history are, after all, destined to live. For those of you who are not in Ottawa, I will put up all the paintings after the show starts here:


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