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Signs of Spring!

Spring is here! (Okay, kind of.) People are wearing less! (Or at the very least, leaving the black, knee-length, puffy parka at home.) This makes me hopeful, kind of like the season. Out and about on Saturday night, I ran into the ultra-cool Bob and Emily in the Market who were as lovely to talk to as they looked.  A little later in the evening, Michael pranced into the Mercury Lounge in an eye-catching orange plaid cape. He had lots of interesting things to share and well, who doesn’t want to talk to a guy in cape?


Who?  Bob and Emily
Occupation: B – Musician, Drummer.  E – Swimwear Salesperson.
Who’s your style icon? B – Sidney Poitier.  E – Victoria Beckham
Any style tips? B – Spend wisely, wear made-to-measure, be yourself. E – Go glam and glitter, tailoring is key.
What are you listening to these days? B – Soul, Motown.  E – The same and Kanye West … love the new album.
What’s your favourite thing about Ottawa? B – Emily (cue sighing females).  S – Small-town vibe in the city.


Who? Michael
Favourite thing to do? Create electronic music with my band “BoyScout Killers”.
Where’d you get that? I got my plaid cape at Value Village in Quebec, my v-neck t-shirt from a friend and my tattoos in China. (This interviewer can’t recall where the headless doll came from.)
Who’s your style icon? My friend Ralitsa Doncheva whose style I’ll describe as a “new-age grandma”.
What are you listening to these days? Nico Muhly, Gang Gang Dance, Paavoharju.

Payton Kennedy



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  1. Great looking couple! Love the detailing on his coat and how both of their collars are turned up.
    Update more!

  2. wasn’t homeless chic a joke in zoolander?
    this isn’t style, its a scream for medication.

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