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Other than the usual stuff most humans miss when they are away from a place they called home for so long (friends, family, etc), there are a few other things that I miss about Ottawa. I semi miss the summer days of walking down Bank Street and being called a hipster by one particular friend. Actually, she’d yell hipster (you know who you are)! I definitely miss a) Bridgehead b) Planet Coffee and c) aspects of the University of Ottawa. I never thought I would ever write “bring something only found in Ottawa to Toronto” but I’m going to do it now, so here it is: PLEASE BRING A BRIDGEHEAD HERE…NOW.

Oh, and I also miss those random nights at Babylon for Disorganised. So does Deyla, who also lives in Toronto now.

The horror stories about the bus strike and the infinite amount of snow Ottawa is getting is making Toronto feel more like home, aside from the fact that my career and condo are both here. In Ottawa, I was merely a student. But if there’s one more positive thing I could add about Ottawa it would definitely be the city’s snow removal program. I complained endlessly about this system year after year because it continously blocks the scarce parking downtown but after suffering through Toronto’s snow removal system, I can honestly say Ottawa really knows how to remove snow. Toronto could learn a thing or two from them because even though we do not have nearly as much snow as the Capital  in T.O., it looks like we got more since they have no idea how to remove snow properly here.


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  1. Toronto has tons of good coffee places, e.g. along Queen Street East and in Little Italy. The coffee’s just as good and the atmosphere is often better.

  2. It’s been horrible with the bus strike I have to walk to work over half an hour in the snow and cold everyday and I can’t go out anywhere without taking a taxi. They picked the absolute worse time. No matter where yo go Ottawa is home, but strange enough when I lived in australia I didn’t miss it much because I was too busy discovering new things…but I guess I missed aspects of canada, cheap prices, tim hortons the shopping because the stores are completely different in Australia. Some good some not so good…too many surf shops.

  3. It’s extremely convenient that we are the same size… let’s take advantage of that.
    Saturday, 1h00, you pick the place?
    I am desperately excited to see you

  4. I wish you would have more ottawa based fashion stories. Especially of what people are wearing at shows, events and in the streets of OTTAWA.

  5. hi Star. I wish I did too, however I’ve moved so I’m awaiting submissions from contributors. the archives will have something along the lines of what you’re looking for.

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