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Caught at Capital Fashion Week

From contributor: LAUDIA

Who: Lucie & Andrew
Why: Both a little camera shy, I thought I’d loosen them up a bit by having them pose together. The first thing that attracted me to these two fashionistas was the way they used colour. First of all, not only are those high waisted blue pants absolutely hot, but her belt, hand bag and scarf perfectly are perfect accessorisies for her outfit and create the right colour combination. I have to give her props for wearing a men’s dress shirt so well. She wears it better than some men might I add! Lucie is proof how colours can make a bold and beautiful look, despite the cold weather. Her outfit looks as comfortable, vivacious and happy as she does.

Andrew, on the other hand, is wearing all black, however, he still manages to create a cool splash of sophistication.  Again gentlemen, this is another example as to how one can look cool, calm and collected.  In fact, he’s wearing staple pieces of clothing, but it’s all in HOW you put it together. From the fitted jeans, to the black vest and black vans, he turned this ensemble from cool to smooth by accentuating his look with that a little black bow tie.
Their style: Living la vida “mode”

Who: Reginald
Why: Oh’ that double breasted sweater. From the colour, to the fit, to those bold navy blue buttons, the sweater caught my attention from the moment I saw Reginald.  I think a lot of men undermine the power of a good sweater. The simple and rather casual look in wearing jeans and a shirt can go from street to chic, all depending on how you wear it and what you wear it with.  The belt contrasts perfectly with the light pink dress shirt and the dark jeans.  Although a little shy when I first approached him, Reginald’s style certainly proved to be preppy sweet; casual and charming.
His style: Preppy with a twist


Who: Mirna
Why: Sweet, simple & hot is what I thought when I first ran into Mirna, a fashion stylist from Toronto . I must say I haven’t seen any ladies  in Ottawa rockin’ the one piece, without making it look like cat woman with a really bad camel-toe! Mirna made the jump suit look flirtatiously elegant.  It’s the right size, the right length and perfect for the occasion. The black booties blended perfectly with the all black & bold look.  I must not forget to mention how gorgeous her necklace is.  I like the fact that she has her hair in an up do, no earrings and even the rest of her jewellery compliments the elegance of her ensemble.  Mirna proves that “yes you can wear all black. Just make sure you get the elegance part right.”
Her style: Sexy elegance


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  1. Great pics! good job

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