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My feet require top of the line beats, compris?

fleetwood-mac-rumours1Gypsies ended up being a topic of a delightful conversation at my workplace. I’ve always been fascinated by them and got unnecessarily excited when Vivienne Westwood used gypsies in a runway show. I, however, am unable to explain my fascination, it just is. In celebration of the gypsy mention, I decided to listen to Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac. If you’re not familiar with the song, you might have heard it mashed up on the track Let Me See You by Girl Talk (come to think of it, Girl Talk mashes up so much Fleetwood Mac, Overtime from Night Ripper samples Tell Me Lies). I really like Fleetwood Mac. Something about their songs makes you press repeat over and over again. Especially Never Forget…that song fills me up with so much nostalgia that I end up doing things I may regret the next day. Guilty.

Any way, I decided to search the song on hypem (for potential remixes to make my feet two step) and I found one remixed by none other than Cut Copy. This means the remix has to be amazing because all Cut Copy remixes are, sorry to sound repetitive here, AMAZING. My gut feeling was right, I’m really hooked on it…Fred Falke and Lo-Fi-Fnk styles.

girl-talk-755754Alongside the Fleetwood Mac taking over all the playtime on my ipod, there’s another song I’ve been heavily addicted to lately because it sounds so good and I want you to get addicted to it too (Bear are you reading this?). It’s called Paris by Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone and remixed by Aeroplane. If you haven’t heard it yet, time to get your toes in with the groove.

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  1. I am listening. Also worth noting, the song ranked a modest #95 pitchfork’s infamous top 100 tracks of 2008. Make sure you’ve worn in those slim slacks a little before splitting a hole to that infectious disco delicious track.

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