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Don’t I look like money?

p1050182Moving sucks because it makes finding your stuff even more difficult, that includes some of my most cherished clothing pieces, like my high waisted jeans.

It’s funny how those pieces become much more important when you can’t find them anymore, as if every outfit doesn’t work without them. So I went on the search for a pair and decided that this time, they’ll be even more special. I went over to Carte Blanche on Queen Street West again and tried on the high waisted raw jeans from Pink Cobra (the in house brand). I wanted to avoid getting Cheap Mondays or April 77’s because I want to expand my denim collection with various brands (obsession you all know). Unfortunately, the 27 had too much room in the crotch area and could manage to fit another human inside while the 25 wouldn’t button up. And they ran out of 26. Damn.

p1050184But, because they are nice to their customers and love when people wear items specifically from their in house brand, they offered to custom make me a pair, fitted to my body. Yay! They even went out and picked some swatches for me to choose from. The result? A measurement session on Thursday and a pick-up on Tuesday. That’s what I call service. Did I mention how the bill came to less than $200 tax in?

The staff is great to chat with, I recommend you pay them a visit if you’re ever a) in need of jeans, b) are in the area, or c) need to satisfy your expensive habit, like me! So stop hyperventilating, and go there…immediately!


Carte Blanche 758 Queen St West


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  1. That’s insanely awesome. Whenever I have money again (which potentially looks like never) I may go there!

  2. I adore this place but try to avoid it unless I’ve got a couple hund to drop. Otherwise I feel like shedding a tear or plotting to get some loot like a drug addict must do hahah

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