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p1050167Facts about Boytech before proceeding:

– These boys performed at L’Oreal Fashion Week

– One of the twosome is dating the beautiful Sarah Taylor from Much Music

– Their catchphrase is “if you got it, hit it.”

Boytech sort of remind me of The Presets (look wise) and the way they begun their set, the sound resonated a bit like Yuksek (Little Dirty Trip Vicarious Bliss Remix anyone?)

I had the opportunity to watch Boytech, under the House of Helder label, perform at The Social on Queen Street West.

p1050176Before the show started, I went outside and was offered a banana by the artist relations manager to satisfy my hunger (it was delicious thanks!). While chowing down this delicious banana, Stefania from Toronto Textstyles asked if she could take my picture for her blog. And yes I was wearing those pants I was telling you all about! I was honoured, I guess I’m officially a Torontonian now.

Back inside, Boytech is ready to go on. These two are real men: tall, muscular, and not afraid to wear hot pants that show their, ahem…package. So yeah, they got it and they hit it. Boytech also uses props like dumbbells while performing. While one sings, the other works out. At first glance, you may think it’s Right Said Fred trying to take over the North American market yet again, however, it’s not. Boytech are trying to be humourous all in the name of fun, Right Said Fred are to be taken as serious artists. Right, hehe.

p1050175For example, here’s some of Boytech’s humour. Their myspace bio reads:

“Former Ivy League rowers, Jack and Chris were destined for greatness. You’ve probably heard of the “Wild Wind” scandal. They were superb athletes. Every coach they ever had said so except for one. Yale Head Coach Burnaby Dupuis made it his personal mission during their enrollment to ruin the gifted and very muscular twosome. He succeeded, having their medals stripped on the basis of steroid abuse. Desperate to clear their names, Jack and Chris kidnapped Coach Dupuis and tortured him to near death thus exonerating themselves, but were promptly charged and sent to a Youth Reform Camp. During confinement they developed a passion for music. Now the duo makes its home in this most liberal of cities and can often be seen running or rowing along Toronto’s waterfront.”


With songs titled “Fuck me” and lyrics regarding STD’s, Boytech are sure to garner the attention of people, and your feet will surely appreciate their sound.
Love the boots boys.


Diego and Pastel from Fritz Helder & the Phantoms, both originally from Ottawa


Fritz from Fritz Helder & the Phantoms


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  1. Princess Jellybean

    The most exciting thing from Cananda since The Unicorns or Crystal Castles or maybe ever…

  2. thanks for the shout out!
    did the show fill out at all?
    i left before they went on, soo sleepy….

  3. yeah i saw you leave and although i was disappointed, the only reason i don’t blame you is become you my friend were at the tina turner concert before and you probably danced so much your feet were begging you to stop all that rhythm and rest! yeah it filled up a bit more, i left a bit earlier since it takes me a bit to get home by streetcar.

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