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New contributor – Payton

Third presentation=PAYTON. She put together a cute little package when she emailed me to become Ottawa Street Style’s latest contributor and I appreciate it very much. Payton also has the ability to take pictures of people that are a little older from the usual that we’ve snapped here at Ottawa Street Style.

You gotta love the new market she’s hitting, and it’s also great because we need to represent Ottawa entirely. Oh, and her questions are great, she takes time to get to know her subjects. More from Payton soon, for now, here are some shots she snapped during Halloween and while out in the market. Please note, although I am really not fond of pointy square toe shoes and faded jeans on men, you gotta love what Guy had to say!

Angela, Irene’s Pub in the Glebe
Occupation? Assistant Manager, Claire’s
Three things you can’t live without? Red lipstick, shiny make-up, stockings!
Who’s your style icon? Betty Page
What are you listening to these days? The Bible All Stars, 90lbs of Ugly, Mike Plumb, The Popular
Your tombstone will say? She found joy in everything!

Who? Guy and Ludwig, on Murray Street
Occupation? G – Art Gallery Owner; L – Fashion Photographer
Where’d you get that? G – My new neck tattoo which is currently just an outline is by Guen at Planet Ink; L – I bought my coat in Montreal, $50 bucks!
Who’s your style icon? G – Tom Ford, is that boring?; L – Cary Tauben (Montreal stylist and “about-towner”)
Three commandments of style? G – Have a sense of humour, be unique, mix up your style; L – pointy shoes, comfortable jeans, clean cut
Do you think there are stylish people in Ottawa? G – Yes and I’ve slept with them all!


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  1. These guys are dressed like douches…

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