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New Contributor – Laudia

As the competition for the next street style contributor heats up, I am going to share some of the results with you.

Right now, Ottawa Street Style has a few new contributors – each of them providing some new street style pictures and write ups every two weeks or so.

Each contributor went through the test and some passed, while some didn’t. First presentation=LAUDIA. She’s young, she’s got fashion and modeling experience and she’s been lurking the streets, here are some pictures she took and her write up. Nice job on getting twins in here Laudia!


WHO: Zahmat, 23, History and political science graduate student.
WHERE: The house party scene which subsequently stimulated everyone to strut their style, especially after a few drinks and a combination of ego-centered “look at me’s”
What attracted me to Zahmat was his swagger, his energy emanated nothing but confidence.

Here we see how confidence made the outfit, while the shades, shoes and all the other pieces merely acted as accessories to complete his ensemble. I loved his stunner shades, the Bape t-shirt and the old school kicks, creating a perfect marriage between the preppy look and the urban swagger. When I asked Z to give me two words to describe his style he said, “ So Wavy”.


WHO: June, 23, student.
WHERE: Carleton University cafeteria.
I’m at the cafeteria and I see a Japanese guy with an afro! So I made a 180 degree turn and followed my next street style subject. His afro has a little history to it, having gone from a bob cut, to a buzz cut and finally to that 70’s inspired afro, which apparently he has been growing for 2 years.

His T-shirt also caught my attention since I am a huge fan of Snoop Dogg. The doggystyle album was one of my favorite albums, particularly because it carries my favorite song “Lodi Dodi” which so happens to be my nick name. And we can’t forget about those funky Jordan’s. I personally didn’t know this but his sneakers are called the ‘Jordan’s spiz’ ike’, inspired by a collection from the Spike Lee and Jordan collaboration. It is clear that his fashion inspiration comes from the 90’s, where music, art and fashion were eclectic and authentic to self expression. June defines his style with one word, “Street”.


Where: Harry Rosen

Sharp, Sophisticated & “Suave “, is how I would best describe this fashionista.
I was walking through the mall when I spotted Jose in his dark blue pin striped suit.
Perhaps it is my weakness for seeing a man in a fitted suit that made me gravitate towards Jose, or perhaps it was his shoes. But when he walked by, I knew I had to know more about his outfit.

From his shiny shoes to wearing a suit that was actually appropriate for his size, because God knows
I’ve seen men wearing suits that are often too big or too small for them, I bow my hat to Jose for wearing a pin striped suit with class. I certainly appreciate the soft touch that the peach-orange tie and collared shirt added to the suit and particularly the contrast it created with the black cardigan.
Seeing that a pin stripped suit often makes for a very bold look, the light colors from his shirt and tie created a gentle but yet manly outfit, perfect for a gentlemen. Even the war memorial poppy further added a little warmth to this stylish ensemble.

With the holiday season just around the corner, a sophisticated look is always a good motivation for all the Christmas parties soon coming our way.

Who: Svenja & Nadine
Where: The Rideau Centre

I was on my way to grab a bite to eat when both my friend and I turned around to see a girl who we thought had absolutely gorgeous hair, when we realized that there was not one, but two girls. They were twin sisters! They are only 16 yeas old and so adorable.

Besides their beautiful fire-red hair and identical outfits, I think the girls embody what most teenagers would consider to be the current ‘street style’ in Ottawa. Ugs, leggings and a leather jacket.
So I thought I might capture that look with a slight twist to it.

Although Svenja & Nadine looked rather casual, I like the fact they turned this laid-back school look into something a little unique by simply being themselves and adding a little twin-twist to their outfit. What I do really like about their outfit is the cute denim bag, the fitted leather jacket, the long hair of course and needless to say, the fact that they were twins wearing the same outfit. They certainly stood out from the crowd.

What’s’ great about fashion is that everything is a fashion statement, everything from your hair style, to the books you read, to your swagger, the colors you wear and who you allow to influence your style.


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  1. OSS is one of the worst style sites out there, but even I am shocked that they have the propensity and sheer idiocy to actually compliment uggs, in any way, shape, or form.

    Uggs are the epitome of horrid fashion, you stupid fucks.

  2. i love the leather shoes that one guy has. i saw them all over the place in paris and it would be so nice for them to come to ottawa : )

  3. @fuck uggs: hmm, “Besides their beautiful fire-red hair and identical outfits, I think the girls embody what most teenagers would consider to be the current ‘street style’ in Ottawa. Ugs, leggings and a leather jacket. So I thought I might capture that look with a slight twist to it.” I don’t see Laudia complimenting uggs here, she simply states that teenagers in the city feel this is stylish. She never said “I think the uggs are stylish”. I am personally anti-uggs always been, always will be. I was a bit iffy about posting the full shot of the girls, instead of cutting off the uggs but then I realized what I love about Laudia’s contribution: it’s the fact that she managed to get identical twins, and not just that, twins that were dressed the same. What’s great about these girls is that they are 16, an age where it isn’t common for twins to dress in the same outfit like when they were five and their mother bought matching outfits because it was cute. They were matching at such a crucial age for originality. But I guess Laudia can clarify this for herself. Also, the reason I’m responding to this is because of how much anger is in your comment. If you have an argument, at least constructed in a way that isn’t so demeaning.

  4. It’s peculiar that the author pointed out that the girls are an example of canadian street style, since they are exchange students from Berlin:) They also were both involved as models in CFW

  5. @anonymous: I don’t think the girls told the contributor (Laudia) they were from Berlin because it wasn’t mentioned in the text. I also think the twins are part of an agency in town (either Angie’s or Lawxy I believe) because they were in OFW as well. I’m sure they’ll be walking in various shows around town soon.

  6. Wishing I was in Helsinki

    “I think the girls embody what most teenagers would consider to be the current ‘street style’ in Ottawa. Ugs, leggings and a leather jacket.”

    This is everything that is wrong with this city, and this BLOG.

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