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My Halloween Costume

Tomorrow is Halloween and I’ve been invited to a party where I am forced to wear a costume. I’ve been thinking of being a cigarette since last year but I never got around to finding the costume so now that I have like 24 hours to come up with a costume, I went back to my previous choices either Donatella Versace or Karl Lagerfeld.

I walked around most of the day looking for a costume shop or shops that sell costumes without any luck, until I walked into a small dollar store on Queen Street West that had a unicorn mask (haha Deyla) and a greyish long haired wig. Since my dresses are still in storage in Ottawa, I had to settle for the Karl look and skip the Donatella costume, although I really wanted to be Donatella and pass vodka bottles and cigarette packs to eager trick or treaters (kidding kidding – anyone see that SNL episode?).

Any way, the only thing missing from my Karl outfit is my black blazer which I also left in Ottawa somewhere so I am using my black leather jacket with silver zippers which will match my black bowtie I have and the pimp silver necklaces I’m lining up on top of my white chemise. The outfit basically looks like what Karl is wearing below, but the blazer is a tight leather jacket.


This is going to be crazy and the costume might even help strike up conversation with random people because I only know like 3 people there.Next year I am definitely going to try to be a cigarette, that’s like the most original costume ever, or an onion.

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  1. I was smitten the second I saw you from across the room. Anyone who dresses as the Kaiser and pulls it off as effortlessly and perfectly as you is, without a doubt, a fabulous person that I want to know.
    I’ll call you this week , coffee is a necessity.

  2. hahha yeaaaah, snl is a main component in my life.
    maya rudolph as donatella is priceless.


  3. I’d love to see you dressed as a cigarette haha you would be quite dashing i think 😉

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