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When I wrote the article “Capital Fashion Week?” last week, I was trying to make a point about the confusion this event is going to cause. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was at Schmoozefest ’08 and I was talking to a gentleman. My friend mentions Ottawa Fashion Week and he says, “oh we’re sponsoring that, we were in touch with Maryse.” My friend and I look at each other and say “you mean Capital Fashion Week, right?” He says, “oh right, didn’t know there was a difference.” See readers, this was the point of the article. What is the point of having two fashion weeks (like Vancouver) and be the subject of ridicule from largest fashion centres such as Toronto (yes I spoke to people here in Toronto)?

I am going to restate this, my article was merely questioning the intentions of Capital Fashion Week, and not “being jealous” as some comments implied. I don’t work for Ottawa Fashion Week, I did at one point, but I do not now, and although most readers don’t know the conditions of why I left, I can say with all honesty that the only reason that I am defending Ottawa Fashion Week is because it was established to do the same thing Capital Fashion Week is doing, so why compete instead of collaborate?

What I also think is funny is that I made the effort and emailed two email addresses for CFW enquiring for some information and received no response, yet they seem to be getting their entourage to infest this website with comments that don’t address half the points made in the article. I say this because of the specific wording and the emphasis on subjects that anyone who has a valid argument wouldn’t use. At least the person who was previously involved in Ottawa Fashion Week took the time to construct a valid argument regarding the article and to address the comments made by some people.

And now to answer some of these comments:

Anonymous: I saw the list of designers and they are pretty impressive, however, although CFW say it is open to national and international designers, it’s upsetting that only two designers are from Ottawa, including Mizdragonfly who is also participating in Ottawa Fashion Week.

As for your sponsorship comment, the list is also impressive, however, I’ve worked in sponsorship and I know about something called trade. Not all these sponsors paid these prices, especially not the largest sponsor.

Jesse: “wowzers…. scathing, jealous… i did attend ofw…. boring, standard, nothing special…. looking forward to cfw though, maybe they’ll do a better job! yaw cfw, boo ofw!”

I don’t think this comment is even worthy to be commented on actually so let’s skip it.

Anonymous: Since you seem to love looking at this website, I’m going to address your final comment, which for all readers is:

“OMG!!! it’s silent all of a sudden. no replies to my comments. could the author of this blog be stunned at cfw impressive lineup??? i’m sure all those involved with the ofw shows are speechless and very very concerned. you should not write such nasty stuff without looking into thins deeper. you are no perez hilton, honey!!! you should publish your name so we all know who is writing this garbage….like really what fashion experience do you have? what are your credentials???? maybe you flip through magazines and like to shop for clothes and watch fashion tv….doesn’t make you an expert.


gossip girl”

You commented 3 times in under an hour, having no one respond within an hour is normal – someone will respond to you sooner or later, not everyone is scouring the internet eager to comment on non valid arguments such as yours. As for my identity, it has been revealed on this site, but I don’t like to whore myself around the internet saying I am so and so because I am not interested in internet popularity. I write because I like it, it’s not my full time job.

My credentials you ask? There’s a long list dear, I am not the #1 fashion expert nor did I ever claim to be, so don’t jump to ridiculous conclusions. I don’t claim to have my information from flipping through magazines and television stations or shopping, I have experience and I’m gaining more of it now that I no longer live in Ottawa, why don’t you read more posts on this site and maybe you’ll get a little more insight on my experience. You want to know more, go through the contact form, I’ll gladly answer you.

And no I am not concerned about the fate of Ottawa Fashion Week, re-read the article instead of having selective reading, because like I said, I don’t work for them. If they are concerned, that’s their problem, not mine, I’m merely writing about it.

You want to compare this site to Perez Hilton? This isn’t the Internets version of Page Six.

love love,

Ottawa Street Style

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  1. I’m sure some of these sponsors paid to get this level of publicity. How about a good job CFW post? For the first time they were able to attain more and get further than ofw……they must have some great reach with their networking. Think about it. Do you think a major car company would do contra? You don’t think people backed a project of this level financially? There isn’t 2 fashion weeks. Only one…Capital Fashion Week. This is the way shows are done. Designers of that level show, designers that can sell their line. I came as a buyer last year to ofw and guess what. i couldn’t buy anything. the designers at ofw don’t have the ability to wholesale. Sorry. Only room for one Fashion Week in Ottawa…you are correct. Capital Fashion Week wins. Far more impressive of a lineup.

  2. @anonymous buyer: at least this time around your comment isn’t as aggressive as your previous ones. however, you’re still missing the point. i won’t write something positive about CFW mainly because I feel strongly that they should’ve collaborated with ottawa fashion week. you can’t deny, as much as you try to, that OFW was created first this is FACT, and of course, it requires improvements, a lot of them. I am impressed with what CFW has, however, the idea is not avant garde, it’s an imitation, a simulacrum. Why do that?

    tell me anonymous buyer do you have open to buy money to spend? who buys at the end of november any way? this is directed at both ofw and cfw.

  3. yes we buy in january for March/April Spring arrivals. so it’s perfect time that Capital Fashion Week brings this level of designers to Ottawa. We have a lot of money to spend after Christmas and New Year sales. Thanks for your concern for our boutique but we can all manage quite well ourselves.

  4. which boutique are you from any way anonymous and gossip girl? are you under one of my links?

  5. Honestly guys (@anonymous & gossip girl), give it a rest. There’s discussion of ideas and then there’s the overflow you have misspelled onto these pages.

    I am truly happy that you are excited for CFW and I do wish them all the best. For their sake I hope neither of you is involved in organizing it, with the exceptions of Unoriginality Coordinator or Director of Excessive Punctuation – should these positions exist.

    Irresistible flaming aside, I think you’ve made your point. Money, not intent or ethos, is the ultimate measure of success in a fashion week. It is such a great measure in fact that neither of you feels any apprehension about labelling CFW a clear success without any precedent or first-hand experience of the show.

    I would like to thank you for your feedback because it reaffirms my faith in the urgent need for sources of culture and originality like ottawastreetstyle.

    Don’t forget to check for smudges…from your knock-off raw denim.


  6. Wow, am I really reading this? For someone who is questioning the integrity and professionalism of this blog maybe you should start by questioning your own. Am I to believe you are a local boutique owner? You are sitting there asking the blogger to reveal her identity when you yourself won’t reveal yours when you were asked? Are you afraid people will see how unprofessional you are and reflect it on
    your store and not go there? Or do you want to continue taking advantage of the hits this website gets and have your link somewhere on the site?
    Has this blogger (since you seem to know her and her sister) ever treated you in a way that makes you write such comments? I am going to take a guess and say no, you’re just catty, trying to destroy someone’s reputation so you can sleep better at night. This website has brought a different point of a view about a mediocre fashion scene, providing extensive advice for people and what do some readers do? Cry about it because they can’t handle the truth. Life isn’t rainbows and sunshine and this blogger is only trying to aid the fashion scene. Your comments and the comments of others CFW supporters prove only one thing, that Ottawa “fashion” people are so jealous of each other that they must compete which, if you have read various posts on this blog, you’ll notice the writer has stated numerous times. Stop claiming OFW people are jealous, CFW is jealous of the success the first OFW show had and instead of helping one another, they teamed up with others to create their own. Why are there two sides to Ottawa fashion? Why do people continuously bash each other so they don’t work together? I applaud Ottawa Street Style for her honesty and courage to express her opinion because although it’s just her opinion, you just proved her theories are facts. There is so much more to say to you anonymous/gossip girl but let’s keep it at that.
    And RawDenimLenin, you said it well. For CFW’s sake, you are terrible for publicity.
    And anonymous/gossip girl, why don’t you be a little more original and try finding your own identity, not steal one from a popular television show for adolescents.

  7. ottawastreetstyle has clarified her point with this post. All that needed to be said has been said. So settle down and all be friends again.

    Charles Darwin will tell whether CFW or OFW will become this city’s official fashion week but that wasn’t ottawastreetstyle’s concern anyways, now was it.

  8. Do they have Ottawa Fashion Week in Ottawa, Kansas? If so, does Topeka have Capital Fashion Week? Personally, I’m waiting for Bytown Fashion Week.

  9. The city of Ottawa, it’s sponsors and the public that will be attending CFW speaks for itself. CFW organizers must have some very influential contacts in the city and in the fashion industry to get the support of that many designers and spnsors. ofw organizers cannot deny that their event nov. 12 to 15 will be overshadowed by the grander scale of the CFW event Nov. 21-22. I’m happy the ofw organizers have the support of NAC, Epoch Times. 24 Hours etc. But can you compare that to: Audi Canada, Elle Canada, Via Rail, Vitamin Water, The Bay, Alterna Savings, Telus, take a look at that list and then let’s discuss which fashion week will be around to stay and which will have it’s last showing. I see you’ve published their sponsorship package online. Great. Now we all know who gave them dollars to pull off this amazing event. I think that’s what bothers the organizers of ofw and the bloggers of this page…..ofw in their 2nd time, could not come close to the level of designers and sponsors that CFW did. Why is that? Is it hard to get sponsorship? If so, why were CFW organizers able to get sponsorship on the first try? Hmmm? Yes the blogger is correct. There is no room for 2 fashion weeks. But CFW has the right idea and are dong it the way it’s to be done. Unlike ofw, even on the 2nd try can not put on a show worth sponsoring or going to see. So, I think ofw should not bother because they will just be embarrassed after CFW puts on their show. Which would the public rather go to? One backed by big name sponsors or the one that hardly has any sponsors and the one’s they have don’t compare. Hmmmm……….I wonder how the NAC will feel when they see the amazing job organzers of CFW have done? ofw should be ashamed, 2nd attempt, still a failure.

  10. honesty anonymous, GIVE IT A REST…WHO CARES? You consistently miss the point of the article, which is why I must ask, HAVE YOU READ IT? It’s in simple terms=I don’t care who comes out on top, whether it’s OFW or CFW. I just think it’s dumb to have 2 fashion weeks and I want to ENCOURAGE COLLABORATION INSTEAD OF COMPETITION. How much simpler do you want me to put that? Please read Ms Dubious’ comment and give your terrible publicity for CFW a rest. It’s as if you’ve been hired to convince us of it’s greatness, when you really don’t need to do that because THIS ARTICLE NEVER SAID “DON’T GO SEE THIS SHOW IT SUCKS.”

  11. for someone who’s advocating for CFW fo much, you’re really giving it a bad name “gossip girl”.
    and if we’re going to name drop “anonymous”, as a PERSONAL friend of Jeanne Beker i can tell you that she totally agrees that a small fashion market like ottawa doesn’t need 2 fashion weeks. although she didnt attend last years OFW she liked the idea that the city was coming in on it’s own, by itself, w/o big corporate sponsors taking away from the showcase of local talent.

  12. ottawa fashion week was a disaster first of all. they are unprofessional and unorganized! it was a total scam and a rip off!!! designers as well as makeup artists and hair stylists were all upset! as for the models, none of them passed the criteria of a model. from midgets to overweight ‘models’, it could all be found on that ‘runway’ that was falling apart as the ‘model’s tried to walk the non-steady & slippery piece of wood that was just laying on the floor. like who the hell is CIMA and who allowed that???
    we are lucky that somebody, in this case CFW, took things in their hands and try to set up a decent show in order to clean the embarrassment of ottawa that was caused in the first place by CIMA.

  13. I swear to god..
    I wasn’t going to say anything..
    but there a bunch of real short-sighted morons talking here (I am looking at you cfw)
    so here goes…
    (at the risk of rambling like some of the CFW posters are, I will put my thoughts in point form)

    – cfw is a gimmick, bringing in national designers to a tiny market like Ottawa serves no purpose in building the local fashion scene. local designers need the harsh glare of the media and local buyers to grow and become a good business.
    – cfw does not have audi, they have a dude who owns a local audi sponsoring it…it’s probably a cousin or a drinking buddy of one of the founders..I know this cause I know people in Audi Canada’s marketing department.
    – based on the sponsor list…cfw is a bit of smoke and mirrors..the bay, vitamin water, via rail, telus..don’t give money…they give in-kind sponsorship
    – both ofw and cfw are not relevant on the fashion calendar because of the timing of the event. At least ofw understands that and focuses on building local designers so that they can eventually move on to montreal fashion week.
    – this is a personal blog put on by someone who loves and supports the local fashion scene…to go after her shows just how amateur and ridiculous the cfw people are.
    – i think ofw has a lot to learn…a lot…
    but they are in the right direction..moreso than cfw will ever be…the fact that cfw is dissing people without EVER HAVING MOUNTED A SINGLE SHOW…seriously!?!
    – ‘gossipgirl’ you are correct…cfw is not ridiculed by toronto..cause really, we have no idea the fuck you are…and quite frankly couldn’t care less.
    – and who is the idiot buyer that says they still have money in november to buy stuff…? you obviously have no idea what you are doing….if you buy in jan/feb for are getting the leftovers of everyone else…how many other fashion weeks have you been to?
    – anonymous…really? grander scale? really…? you live in ottawa..the NAC is as grand as it gets…and you aren’t there…

    bottom line…
    I really could go on..but I have to do some real work here…
    cfw needs to stop this crap cause we all have a responsibility to the fashion community…people from all around the world search about Canadian fashion and this what they get…? no wonder people don’t come here….

    Zaigham Zulqernain
    Executive Producer
    the Toronto Week of Style

  14. To the excecutive producer of Toronto Week of Style……….here we go. Audi Canada not only gave cars to the organizers to use but also money. This was a solid sponsorship and I highly doubt that it was an internal ‘drinking buddy’. You really need to check with your friends at Audi Canada marketing team and check your facts.

    Some sponsors did give money and some gave product for their sponsorship. Considering that this is ofw 2nd time at this, they couldn’t even get that. How sad.

    If Toronto clients don’t know who CFW is, how were they able to attend. Did you notice Stacey McKenzie there? Isn’t she a top model from Canada living in TO? Did you see the people that came from TO modeling agencies? Do you know them well enough to recognize them? Did you happen to see the one of the editors of Elle Canada there? She definately was. Gosh, I wonder how she found out about it? The designers themselves came to this event. These are big name designers. Now, do you think if they felt this was not going to be a great event, they would have come? After the event, they had nothing grand compliments for the organization and the level of skill at CFW. Don’t worry Zaigham, you can call all your contacts in TO and ask them about the feedback and the experience these designers had at CFW.

    The Government Conference Center is far more suited for a fashion show than the NAC. So, let’s not even go there, until you’ve seen the inside of both buildings. Have you ever wondered why the Government Conference Center does not allow just anyone in. CFW could have chose a venue like the NAC too, but they chose to be more exclusive and show the city a real show. Did you catch the show? I heard comments from my seat that this show was just as good as the shows in TO, Mtl and even NYC.

    You should read the reviews from both shows and see how even the media agrees CFW was much, much better.

  15. …snore…

  16. “You should read the reviews from both shows and see how even the media agrees CFW was much, much better.” Normally, I would not comment on this but when it’s blatantly untrue, I must. If you google search either “ottawa fashion week” or “capital fashion week” you’ll see results for articles that are by no means in favour over one show. no biased coverage, just a summary and mention of great designers to watch. please don’t try and spread falsities through the website, just accept that BOTH SHOWS SUCCEEDED.

  17. Capital Fashion Week is not sponsored by the Audi company itself, get real Audi is not going to jump on something that easily, they are sponsored by the Audi Dealer here in Ottawa which isnt really hard to attain as OFW will be sponsored by BMW at its next show. So really their team didnt go above and beyond or pull of any miracles, there are ways of marketing and networking to get around making it seem like its sponsored by big names and big companies when really its just the locals giving permission to use their city logo and the funds they provide are usually not that significant.

    So the blog owner is correct, cfw should have collaborated with OFW, its hard to accept to some but yes ofw is what marked the fashion week spot for Ottawa and what brought that idea to Ottawa, period!

  18. seriously the comments are getting more and more ridiculous daily, it’s become a one-up competition right now. i’ve already removed some comments for being too below the belt and irrelevant comments will also be removed.

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