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Capital Fashion Week?

As a supporter of fashion in the capital, I believe in building a solid foundation for a strong fashion scene. Not one that seeks to compete directly with large markets like Montreal and Toronto, but one that can still be considered a “market” and not merely a third tier fashion city. By supporting this, it also means I am not a supporter of unnecessary reproduction. Let me explain, less than a few months ago, Ottawa had it’s first fashion week, and all of a sudden, I get a press release about something called “Capital Fashion Week“.

I am completely confused because a) the site contains no information regarding the event (only the date) and b) the press release and sponsorship package is praising the two founders for their “unique” idea rather than providing information about the show. What’s the deal?

“With small fashion-infused events happening occasionally around the city, its time the nation’s capital come together and welcome fashion-aficionados from all over to experience something fresh, bold and exciting for everyone– everyday fashionistas and industry people alike.”

Why should I think this event is so avant garde when it’s not? It’s been done before (May remember?) and continues to be done (yep, there’s another season coming up) and it’s very very new so why is it being reproduced exactly?

Capital Fashion Week claims that they would like to encourage fashion in the city: “The premise for this showcase is to, with the support of the city and its governing bodies, gather the community under one roof to finally be able to appreciate design talent. What started out as hope for something “bigger and better” for the city will now come to fruition with your support!” How about instead of starting another fashion week, contacting the organizers of Ottawa Fashion Week and collaborating with them? I don’t understand why a city with a fashion scene that is still very small requires two fashion weeks. Market research. Will people know the difference between a fashion week and a fashion show? Not likely now.

From the information I received, I can say with all honesty that the location is cool and when I was working on Ottawa Fashion Week, I did pledge interest in renting out the old Train Station (Government Conference Centre) due to its history and prestige but the price was ludicrous and availability was scarce.

The other thing that’s pissing me off about both shows, is that they are taking place at the end of November. Buying season is basically over and buyers no longer have open to buy money to spend (it’s the feedback I received after the first fashion week in May). How is anyone going to take Ottawa seriously? Did I also mention that Ottawa Fashion Week is November 12-15 and Capital Fashion Week is November 21 to 22?

This is what I have been talking about in various articles regarding the Ottawa fashion scene, elementary.

Analyzing this as a marketing and PR rep, there’s a lot of work to be done. Research. Actually, a basic google search shows this: Capital Fashion Week in Brazil. Now I’m no expert, but this runs into a little confusion and trouble. Yes, sure, two different shows in two different countries, but it’s the same as me using the name Nike for the new shoe line I’m launching in Malaysia for example. Also, when I hear “CFW” my mind automatically thinks “Calgary Fashion Week.”

The logo: I don’t understand it at all. I’ve emailed the people at Capital Fashion Week for clarification and received no response. Here’s my interpretation: this logo doesn’t resonate fashion week, it just looks like a graphic design project. Actually, it looks very similar to the Project Runway logo. Simplicity is key – when I worked for Ottawa Fashion Week, I rejected various logo concepts before agreeing to the basic font and colours they have now. I also made sure to include it in French to promote bilingualism, we are after all, the capital, and French is my mother tongue.

Advertising and Sponsorship: How come I’ve only heard about this show last week? I have not seen any advertising for it at all. And taking a look at the sponsorship package, I understand some of the proceeds are going to the cancer society but $15,000 to be a premium sponsor? You haven’t even put together one show to be asking for that kind of money. I am also not fond of the package names…fierce? I’ve worked in agencies before, I know that’s what non-fashion people think we call fashion poses. It’s not. I also don’t use the word fabulous, glam, chic or luxe in sentences. Fashion stereotypes make me happy though (seriously people keep asking me eccentric questions about fashion, I love answering them).

Tagline: Cut, Sew, Stitch – Come see the Finished Product! Sounds like Project Runway as well. Is this a fashion week or a competition? And exclamation marks at the end of any tagline are a big faux pas, they are better left for Wal-Mart flyers and considered extremely tacky (this is directly from the mouths of various advertising copywriters).

Season: There is no mention of the season but it should be Spring/Summer 2009 Collections.

Experience: I guess from the press release and sponsorship package I know who the founders are, and they seem to be the only two on the committee so my question is regarding the experience they have in terms of judging which designers make it or not. What is the designer criteria? Who checks the sewing? The samples? Press kits? Analysis of how the designers can manage wholesale, etc etc. And who are the designers? This requires judgement from someone with experience in fashion design and fashion merchandising, it’s vital for Ottawa fashion to be taken seriously.

Models: Please tell me your are using professional models from legitimate agencies? Fashion shows in Ottawa need to learn from previous mistakes. I’ll admit to many, I don’t critique without admitting I’ve made mistakes too (many factors come into play as well). There are a lot of great models in the city and looking outside the city is also an option. My question is who are the casting directors? What are their credentials?

I have an idea how this is going to end up, but I don’t think I can judge just yet because I haven’t attended the shows. I am merely asking questions and giving an OPINION.

Now I know what a lot of readers are thinking and I assure you that the first Ottawa Fashion Week was by no means perfect, but it was just that: the first one, a trial, many future seasons will be (although I have not worked on the second season and no longer work for fashion week). But we (Ottawa fashion people) need to learn from our mistakes and learn how to work together, not see everything and everyone as an obstacle.

More info on Capital Fashion Week:

Download the Press Release

Download the Sponsorship Package

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  1. It seems as though this was written by someone who was a part of Ottawa Fasion Week. A little biased I think?

    Before putting the people who are likely working their butts off to pull this off down, why not wait until full details come out? You’re bashing something that you know nothing about. Do you know any of the background, do you know that they didn’t try to collaborate? Maybe Ottawa Fashion Week didn’t want to.

    By the looks of it you just don’t know because you have no hard facts. You’re speculating on half the things you say. You’re talking about research, but a good reporter will do good research before publishing an article.

    I could probably ask a question as to why I never heard about Ottawa Fashion Week. Where was their ad campaign, obviously not very visible if I never saw it.

    Everyone can be critical, and I support criticism if it is warranted, but I can’t stand people who are critical just to be critical. I really just think that somone is bitter because god forebid someone try to compete.

  2. I am not denying the fact that I was part of Ottawa Fashion Week, however, I NO LONGER WORK THERE. This article is not biased towards Ottawa Fashion Week, what I am saying is that it is UNNECESSARY to have 2 fashion weeks in a city with a small fashion scene.

    What about the people (me included) who worked their butts off in the first place to get an Ottawa Fashion Week in order for everyone that wants to be part of the Ottawa fashion scene to get involved?

    As for “because you have no hard facts. You’re speculating on half the things you say” please note this part in my article, “I have an idea how this is going to end up, but I don’t think I can judge just yet because I haven’t attended the shows. I am merely asking questions and giving an OPINION”. The key word is opinion.

    As for my research, it is based on my awareness of the Ottawa Fashion industry (of which I am very knowledgeable) and have provided an opinion based on what I was provided with.

    I am not being critical to be critical, I am critiquing the fact that this show has been done before, so what’s the point of it?

    As for “I really just think that somone is bitter because god forebid someone try to compete” how is this in competition with me? Like I said, I NO LONGER WORK FOR FASHION WEEK. I wrote this article by my own will, not because someone asked me to.

    You’re right about Ottawa Fashion Week not being advertised this season, I haven’t seen many advertisements but I’ve seen a few. However, the first season was highly advertised, I can prove that as well, if you’d like, with some FACTS.

    “You’re bashing something that you know nothing about.” What makes you think I don’t know who the founders are? I ACTUALLY DO. I also know why they didn’t try to collaborate, and if someone form Capital Fashion Week indeed did try to contact the organizers of Ottawa Fashion Week, I would’ve heard about it too because, well, I am still friends with the people I worked with. When I did work for Ottawa Fashion Week, I was very happy to receive requests for sponsorship and collaboration – it’s important for the city. This is a fashion week, not another store selling the same brands or a modeling agency. Fashion Week is about collaboration, which builds a solid foundation for Ottawa’s fashion industry. I don’t think the people who took over my role would shut down such a proposition, if in fact there was such a proposition.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Wow, this was quite scathing! I also disagree about the logo: I think the Ottawa Fashion Week logo is a tad reminiscent of a tacky VIP party in the late nineties, and would congratulate them for avaoiding this.

  4. I also agree with the OFW logo, the capital fashion week logo is more eye catching.
    I definitely think the reporter of this article is being biased and maybe a tad on the jealous side.
    I did not attend the first OFW but from what I heard from volunteers and a few spectators it was very unorganised, so little miss “reporter” if you and your team can not pull off a successful show yourselves you have no write to criticize others for trying.

  5. @anonymous and shaina: when did I ever call myself a reporter, journalist or anything? blogging my opinion doesn’t mean i am some investigative journalist, homeslice.

    “what I heard from volunteers and a few spectators it was very unorganised, so little miss “reporter” if you and your team can not pull off a successful show yourselves you have no write to criticize others for trying.” I’ve addressed this in the article: “Now I know what a lot of readers are thinking and I assure you that the first Ottawa Fashion Week was by no means perfect, but it was just that: the first one, a trial, many future seasons will be (although I have not worked on the second season and no longer work for fashion week). But we (Ottawa fashion people) need to learn from our mistakes and learn how to work together, not see everything and everyone as an obstacle.” Like I said, I don’t work for OFW so I have nothing to be jealous about.

    as for the tacky VIP party, why don’t you take a closer look at CFW’s logo and then look at the flyer the young lad standing in front of the rideau centre just passed you and compare it. seems CFW uses the same colours as *gasp* those tacky VIP parties you speak of. point made thanks.

  6. It’s funny that the responders would equate the original fashion week logo with a “tacky VIP party in the late nineties” only to stand in support of the CFW logo which itself looks like it belongs to a tacky VIP party in 2008.

    I was an organizer on the first Ottawa Fashion Week – although I am NO LONGER involved – and I fully support what ottawastreetstyle is saying. I think this opinion blog raises some good points as to the confusing motives and professionalism of CFW. Are they showcasing Ottawa fashion at a national skill level? Or simply pandering to the lowest common denominator to make their name?

    I’ll be more forward than OSS in saying that if I was a respectable fashion reporter/buyer/designer/model, I would be wary of any “fashion week” event with so little substantial information prepared a MONTH before its show date.

    The Ottawa fashion scene is a small pool compared to other Canadian markets. If these guys are going to try and swim, they had better not be taking a piss.

  7. @Shaina’s comment: “I did not attend the first OFW but from what I heard from volunteers and a few spectators it was very unorganised, so little miss “reporter” if you and your team can not pull off a successful show yourselves you have no write to criticize others for trying.”

    Just to correct you on this point. The show was actually successful in many respects. First, it received positive media coverage at a local and national level. Second, the event only improved the exposure and success of the designers, model, and other talent involved. Third, friends of mine who have been engrained in Ottawa’s fashion scene for decades (maybe a ‘few spectators’ excluded) genuinely enjoyed the organization and level of professionalism we put forward. Was it Benz Fashion Week? Of course not. Still, given our budget and previous experience we set a real standard as the first true fashion week in Ottawa.

    It is not constructive to undercut the actual merit of Ottawa Fashion Week in May as if this would magically bolster CFW’s attempts to reinvent the wheel this November. Give credit where it’s due.

    P.S. Check your fingers for ink smudges. This is a blog, not a newspaper. Nor is this a Gossip Girl fansite thread. OSS does not claim to “report” anything and condescending remarks add little to this discussion. Ya heard!

  8. @RawDenimLenin: “P.S. Check your fingers for ink smudges. This is a blog, not a newspaper. Nor is this a Gossip Girl fansite thread. OSS does not claim to “report” anything and condescending remarks add little to this discussion. Ya heard!” You should really be writing for this blog. Hehe

  9. wowzers…. scathing, jealous… i did attend ofw…. boring, standard, nothing special…. looking forward to cfw though, maybe they’ll do a better job! yaw cfw, boo ofw!

  10. hey guys did you see the lineup of designers and sponsors by CFW!!!! It came out today. I was blown away… good job CFW… let’s see how much more of a success you can make this. Looks like lots of people are going….I’ll be there waiting to see this event unfold. I’m a huge fan of fashion and I can’t believe someone actually brought something of this level to Ottawa. And Audi…….that’s HUGE!!!! Will there be a raffle for a car????

  11. oh and i guess this answers the author of this blog’s questions as to who would give them money on a first try….and who the designers are….and whether there are real models in the shows……what will happen to ofw now that this is out is also a question i ask? will people go, knowing 2 weeks later there is something this amazing??? hmmmmm……………..

  12. OMG!!! it’s silent all of a sudden. no replies to my comments. could the author of this blog be stunned at cfw impressive lineup??? i’m sure all those involved with the ofw shows are speechless and very very concerned. you should not write such nasty stuff without looking into thins deeper. you are no perez hilton, honey!!! you should publish your name so we all know who is writing this garbage….like really what fashion experience do you have? what are your credentials???? maybe you flip through magazines and like to shop for clothes and watch fashion tv….doesn’t make you an expert.


    gossip girl

  13. hey anonymous, did you comment just to receive a response? go read the latest post, i answered your “comments”

  14. I’m trying to decide if I want to attend this event after finding out about it only a few days ago on Facebook. I have photographed plenty of fashion events in the Toronto area, and am a little curious about what goes on in other cities… unfortunately, i do not always have the time and resources to check out these other places on top of covering events in my hometown.

    But with this “Capital Fashion Week”, i think i could make it… just have to leave work early on Friday, and drive over to Ottawa, and stay over a night or two. I was actually trying to find more info on the event, which is how i stumbled upon your blog entry… 😉

    It’s a new event, so there’s bound to be some glitches… one thing they could definitely work on is their web site’s searchability on search engines. Their web site also seems a bit flaky, and by that I mean it doesn’t always load for me, which makes me think that they are using some super low-budget web hosting service.

    As for what kinds of problems the actual event may encounter, remains to be seen. I have attended a few seasons of Toronto’s L’Oreal Fashion Week, and even they still run into problems. Did anyone catch Robin Kay’s drunken speech last month? =)

  15. ottawa fashion week was a disaster first of all. they are unprofessional and unorganized! it was a total scam and a rip off!!! designers as well as makeup artists and hair stylists were all upset! as for the models, none of them passed the criteria of a model. from midgets to overweight ‘models’, it could all be found on that ‘runway’ that was falling apart as the ‘model’s tried to walk the non-steady & slippery piece of wood that was just laying on the floor. like who the hell is CIMA and who allowed that???
    we are lucky that somebody, in this case CFW, took things in their hands and try to set up a decent show in order to clean the embarrassment of ottawa that was caused in the first place by CIMA.

  16. you know what my favourite characteristic about CFW people is? the fact that they will go to all ends in order to prove their point. for example, kim.r found it necessary to comment on both articles about capital fashion week with the same exact comment. looks to me like cfw is a tad bit worried about what one website has to say about the lack of originality the show has. seriously though, kim.r, your points have validity, however, you still missed the point of the article, just like your colleagues.

  17. @Raymond: all the blogs are talking about Robin’s speech and someone even went as far as to ask for her resignation…

  18. whoever the author of this article is, clearly you are upset that OFW booted your a**. so what are you doing now, kissing theirs??? who are you to even talk about this? as for originality, you have to start somewhere! duuuh!!! did OFW have originality when they started? did you have a problem with them then? why not? because your a** was involved? get your facts straight first before you talk bollocks!

  19. actually, my punctuation loving commenter, I LEFT OFW at MY OWN WILL, so get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before making assumptions. I’m talking about originality in terms of a fashion week in Ottawa. Fashion weeks are all over – I never said I created the idea of a fashion week (please read the article properly), it was to start one in the city of Ottawa. So don’t try to argue something that isn’t there. love love

  20. I love reading your blog, but why are you so upset over the comments people are leaving you? If you have enabled your comment box, then you might as well accept criticism too. You should handle yourself in a professional manner. There are a lot of people reading this article, since it’s among the first ones that pop up when searching for fashion week. No need to be hysterical :/

  21. thanks for reading the blog, i appreciate it and love to meet frequent readers. i’ll attempt to answer your question: i do accept criticism (i do respond to swearing because if you must leave a negative comment, you can be cruel in an intelligent manner, hehe), however, the only thing i find irritating is when the article is misread, opinion is mistaken for fact, and false assumptions are made, especially when it’s a personal attack. some forget the point of the article and decide to attack irrelevant factors, know what i mean? I also try my best to answer any points made by readers in order to clarify my position. Thank you very much for your comment, and I truly appreciate your honesty. I just don’t understand why you commented so negatively a few times before proceeding with this final honest comment.

  22. Can’t we all just get along. Stop comparing and hating on each other. If we want a successful and thriving fashion community, Ottawa should work together for success. Cheer each other on instead of bad talking and come out to support. Why should there be just one show in the Capital. We’re a diverse city with diverse styles. Celebrate the diversity and give both shows a place to stand. We’ll be taken seriously on the Canadian scene only with professionalism and cooperation.

  23. I had nothing to do with the previous comment, although I am using my schools computer.
    Anyway, I was at the OFW, and was not impressed. The room was so small with low ceiling… and the lighting was bad. They should’ve gotten a bigger place. That’s just my opinion. Looking fwd to CFW.

  24. Clarity for a Charity

    Success! the Capital Fashion Week was nothing less.
    For those lost amongst the reality surrounding this show. Let me clarify. Capital Fashion week and its developers/organizers do this for 100% non profit. All proceeds go the up and coming “Wellness House” a project of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. A place of refuge for those living with Cancer.
    The intial vision of organizer Sheri Chiprout, this fashion show has been in the making for 4 years. Two previous shows were held at smaller venues to work out the kinks in preparation for this official launch. Some might say that OFW caught wiff of 4 years of planning and ran with it before CFW had a chance. Non the less, all volunteers, this group pulls an amazing show together. Same may complain about the logo, or information provided, or the website. If you don’t like these things or could see room for improvement, the solution is simply VOLUNTEER or donate money to make a difference. A graphic designer donated thier time and resources to create the logo and some web developer for the site. Even the interior design, set design and general production that took months of planning and meetings was donated by Ottawa’s Design Guys, Designs By 2. Being that this group has pulled off an amzing event, for an amazing cause without any help from your negative comments, perhaps an apology or better yet positive remark for a job well done is in order. Ps. I think they will need more volunteers for the next event, it only took about 100 this time.

  25. Well, well, well………..I guess now that both events are over, we can compare. I am curious as to what the author of this blog has to say about the 2 shows. Was CFW a far grander showcase than OFW………..YES!!!! The level of designers, sponsors and organizers. With the experience of Maryse Benge, Sheri Chiprout, the outstanding reputation of Design by 2 and the most exclusive modeling agency in Ottawa, CoverModels Management……….how could the organizer of OFW even think they could hold a candle to this level??? There will be only one fashion week. CFW obviously. The city of Ottawa is already talking about the next CFW and how the first event was something OFW can learn from. It’s not hard to get support and backing when you have the years of experience that comes with this team. Please comment to this. I would love to hear what CIMA, OFW organizers and Substance Magazine, and the author of this blog, have to say about CFW now.

  26. I think some of you are being pretty nasty, and that both fashion weeks were at fault here. yes, CFW spent way too much money to show off, when it could have been spent making the show a fun and memorable event, which it was not. However, they had some incredible designers, and some of the models were fantastic, but untrained. More effort should have been put into helping these models out, and teaching them a thing or two. And maybe even be nice to them.

    As for Ottawa fashion, I can’t say it was much better. It seemed to be done on the fly, unorganized and didn’t even start on time. They did, however advertise so the writer can stand corrected on that. I saw daily half page adds in the Sun and various other places. I am guessing that the makers of CFW likely would have been rejected if they asked to help with OFW, and I’m sure some people would have butted heads.

    Likely after all of the other long comments, no one will read this. But if they do, this is what I think. Both or neither have the right to criticize.

  27. the comments are getting pretty awful, seems this post is going to have to start getting moderated…something I don’t believe in because i like freedom of speech. this blog gets over 700+ visitors per day and for those visitors to see how everyone is just picking fights on this post is unnaceptable and does not provide them with a good view of Ottawa. @the last anonymous: your comment was by far the most professional, informative and respectable one. thanks for it.

  28. This person is a bit too critical for even the fashion industry. If you attended both shows then you can judge for yourself the level of professionalism and experience that the Capital Fashion Week contained. All Canadian, established designers, organized by Ottawa fashion industry professionals, models selected from credible agencies, excellent sponsors, and to top it all off, proceeds going to cancer research. I wouldn’t normally even comment on such a piece of writing as this, but being involved in CFW I take personal offense to this article as it seems it is obviously biased, despite what they say. And the Google search engine bit is wrong, I pulled up *credible* articles about CFW through credible Canadian Media pages. Nice try though!

  29. My bit about the event not appearing in the search results was correct at the time, but it seems that the Capital Fashion Week website has finally been indexed properly by Google after the event was held.

    I was in Ottawa for the event, and thought everyone involved with CFW pulled it off quite nicely.

    My runway shots are available on my site

  30. Reading from T.O.

    Matt, I’ve worked in the fashion industry for many years, starting off as an intern and moving up from there and believe me, this article is nice compared to the criticism in the larger fashion world! It’s a VERY critical industry. Reading this article makes me appreciate this writer because the article is not trying to hurt anyone, it’s an opinion and a blogger asking questions. Various other posts on this blog provide advice and feedback to local designers, that’s great! Many designers can’t afford the help and try and overwhelm themselves by doing it all, sometimes they may miss a few things.

    This blog is a supporter of Ottawa fashion, not jealous. Plus, this is a blogger, they are meant to be opinionated! Reading over the comments, I’ve noticed CFW focusing way too much on sponsorship and insulting OFW for not having “big sponsors”. I think the point of a fashion week is to bring together designers that are lacking exposure in the city in one place, not about which big corporation is sponsoring it. Sure, money helps the event out a lot, but in the end, it’s not about that at all. I also cannot comprehend why CFW people consecutively comment (with much hatred) on this post. According to my research, both shows were successful, can’t you (CFW) be content with that? Looks to me that OFW is beating you at the professionalism game by refraining from spreading angry comments. Good job to both shows, the success basically proves that these two shows should collaborate for Fall-Winter, it would be amazing for the Ottawa fashion industry. Cheers.

  31. Clarity for a Charity

    After my first post, I thought most would realize that CFW being a 100% not for profit show had over 100 volunteers. With that, most volunteers take personal offence when comments are made negatively towards something they have personally worked so hard for. OFW is a show produced by an organization or company looking to profit from this venture like any company should look to do. However on the CFW side of things every penny and every profit goes to charity.
    You tell me the last time you saw 100 plus people (not getting paid) get together with one common goal and in the end make it all a success!? Sitting on the outside of both groups, I look back on these blog postings and feel that a battle has begun for the wrong reasons. Factually, OFW wanted nothing to do with CFW because CFW insisted this be not for profit. In addition, CFW organizers have been working on this concept for over 4 years. After speaking with someone on the inside of OFW, as assumed they were looking to beat CFW to the punch.
    Look, in the end thier are 2 different shows, with two different motives and unfortunately when one is composed of those looking to make a money making venture and one of those is not for profit with over 100 people donating thier time, money and energy… I dont think you’ll ever find these two groups completely in accord with one another.
    The executive commitee of CFW is nothing but professional, acutally they all have very professional careers. Unfortunately, they cannot control what others may say. On the other hand OFW seemed to be professional, except they did enter into a “talking behind backs” position against CFW.
    Why must the majority of these posts be so negative? filled with preschool dispositions, when some might say neither of these groups should be put in the same catagory.
    With that, I leave the blogger a head of me a thought … how else would a not for profit group pull a major event together without the aid of sponsors? designers? and model agencies?

    -Peace to both!

  32. @charityforclarity: when i was working for OFW, we registered it as a non-profit organization so to clarify your comment, OFW is not looking to make profit, all the money made is actually covering the costs of the expenses like hall rental for example. Just because there’s no charity involved doesn’t mean they are pocketing the money. Any left over funds goes to making the next one, not to pay anyone. The people working are volunteers, I didn’t get paid for OFW fyi. As for this comment “After speaking with someone on the inside of OFW, as assumed they were looking to beat CFW to the punch.” don’t know who you spoke to but when I was planning the first season of OFW, I had never heard of any plans for CFW so how can OFW say “beating them to the punch” if they didn’t know about it? I suggest that next time, you talk to someone who was part of the FIRST EDITION, not the second. I’d also like to add that before posting factual information on this blog, please check if it’s indeed a fact as I like my readers to get the proper information. Thank you.

  33. Clarity for a Charity

    @ottawastreetstyle:the organizers, when asked confirmed that individuals were paid for thier time and work efforts for this show. My facts were verified. Although registered as a non- profit organization, does not mean that it is being developed not for profit. It merely means they are able to give tax reciepts for donations made to the event, if it truly registered non-profit. Further to that, non-profit organizations of all kinds, pay staff and volunteers for thier work efforts, including the organizers, or controllers of many companys. In addition, comments from OFW personelle indicate that when “upon getting wind” of CFW plans they wanted to ensure that they had thier show first. Look I want to make something very clear, independant of either group, I going by what I have been told or media personelle have been told directly from the organizers of both groups. One thing is forsure the accountants of CFW, ensured that all distibution of funds are available for the record. Although you personally didnt get paid means nothing if the organizers are. And I suggest to you that next time before attacking another group you check how the organizers of the CURRENT EDITION are operating. It means absolutly nothing what happened the first time, when the second time around is putting money in thier pockets.
    In short, Im not a part of either group, but I know which group has been more cooperative with the facts. Perhaps you should try volunteering with the other group next time, so you can see for yourself.
    Your post above is nothing but a mere attack on the homework Ive done, to ensure some clarity on both parts. Do your homework and make some calls and inquires yourself. Surprising what you might learn!
    I have the information I was given, proper or not, I trust your readers would get the same information of they inquire.
    and THANK YOU!

  34. This is the last I will be saying about this because frankly, it’s so elementary and it seems no matter how hard rational people in Ottawa try, the fashion scene stays the same. You can choose to believe what I said because it’s 100% honest (it’s the only blog that is not afraid to say it like it is, whereas most of the other ones are more of the same), but seeing most of the comments from the CFW people on this blog, it seems they continuously reject information and just fight about something that isn’t really that important.
    @charity: Thanks for your information about non-profit organizations however, this is becoming nothing but an immature cat fight and the point has been diverted, completely. as for the second edition, although I DON’T WORK FOR THEM ANYMORE I do know the CORE people that organized it (2nd edition). Most of the article is based on my experience with the first edition, however, I do not provide false information like you implied here. you are incorrect with the information because like I mentioned, I still know the organizers, ONE OF THEM HAPPENS TO BE MY RELATIVE, and she did it on A VOLUNTEER BASIS. I did know how they were running it and it was exactly like the first one.

    You probably spoke to some new junior who was told to say that the staff got paid or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from OFW said that actually. As for this: “comments from OFW personelle indicate that when “upon getting wind” of CFW plans they wanted to ensure that they had thier show first.” I was the one who came up with having a fashion week to promote local designers at a small location (in Aug ’07) that’s why we had a fashion show to get a feel of the market at the War Museum on Oct 5, 2007 and then OFW in May and I had no knowledge of CFW until Aug ’08. So whoever is providing you with information is 1) someone who has beef with OFW (they worked there before and left on bad terms) or 2) someone who doesn’t know any information because it’s their first experience or 3) is just trying to cause beef, I assure you. I also know that one of the main OFW organizers was quoted in the Citizen when asked by CFW welcomed the common goal. Here’s the link, bottom of the article:

    I wouldn’t have written this article if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Any details about OFW, I have, whether first or second edition, I worked there awhile. If you know me personally, you know my honesty.

    Also, why are you continuously mentioning charity in these arguments? When people donate to charity, it’s not supposed to be to get praised and one up another group, it’s supposed to be because they WANTED TO DO IT, OUT OF THEIR OWN GOOD WILL AND GENEROSITY. NO ONE ACCUSED CFW not giving the money to charity, it’s completely irrelevant and has no place in this argument. You donated the money, that’s great, that’s not the discussion at hand however.

    Both groups are the same – none will ever collaborate because the comments basically showed how terrible people can be to each other. It’s become a sad ONE-UP COMPETITION. Unless both OFW and CFW get new organizers, or someone becomes the bigger person, I don’t see the two collaborating at all, which is really unfortunate. If we continue on like this, no one will want to visit this city because it seems ALL THE PLAYERS in the fashion game are actors in a teen soap.

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