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So this is goodbye…

Dear readers,

On Wednesday afternoon, I found out my fate. After months of being interviewed and selling my skills around the big city, I was offered a job at a marketing company in Toronto where I will begin working full time in November. This is a very exciting opportunity for me and I am anxious to begin, also because I will be working with bloggers! I found a great (and cheap) apartment on Queen St East which is about a 15 minute public transportation ride from the heart of downtown – yay!

At the Canteen opening last night, I was speaking to Tracie from Youth League and she asked me what will happen to the blog. Here’s what I want to do: I love this blog and have no intention to stop writing for it. It has given me great pleasure over the past year and a half to write about the fashion scene in Ottawa, help citizens of this city gain more knowledge regarding the events and services provided to them here, express my opinion, and to hear the views of others whether they are in agreement with my opinion or not. However, not being in Ottawa will be difficult in terms of taking street style pictures of stylish individuals. On a side note because I’ve been moving around since August, I was unable to find my camera charger and have taken ZERO pictures lately which totally sucks. But I’ll find the charger. You can imagine how angry I was last night at the event when there was hordes of stylish individuals coming through the door and I couldn’t take their picture. Sigh.

I am hoping to find a loyal contributor to do the picture taking for me and I will continue to write opinion pieces regarding fashion and post events happening in Ottawa since I still know many people here and don’t expect anyone to stop sending me press releases. Maybe I’ll post some street style from Toronto too who knows.

In conclusion, I am leaving the city but not this blog. I need a contributor with a camera and an eye for style. Interested? E-mail me right away and we’ll chat.

Remember, I will never ever become a Leafs fan, Senators for life!

Love love,

Ottawa Street Style

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6 responses »

    im happy/jealous
    hopefully i will see you soon


  2. thanks deyla, i hope to see you in t-dot very soon!

  3. Just as a suggestion, in addition to finding a photographer, you should consider some of the great personal style bloggers that live in Ottawa to help keep up the blog. It might add to the blog if you had store reviews, trend reports, etc. from people that breathe fashion. Think about it, I really hope you keep writing, and best of luck in Toronto:)

  4. @Michaela: the quest for a new contributor has begun, and I’ve been getting a large response so I’m really happy! Your ideas are great (store reviews especially), are you interested in contributing?

  5. you’re moving to toronto ?!
    no waaaayy.
    h&m at your fingertips :]
    have fun in t.o., ottawa will miss you !


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