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The Dinner Jacket

I heard about this magazine last month but did not get the opportunity to post anything about it. I got another email telling me to check out their October issue and I did.

The two ladies who are behind this (Ashley and Justyna) are very nice and seem to be on the right track. They also answer emails, that’s a plus as many people don’t and this is not a good sign. They are on time with their material and are networking well. Ashley and Justyna also managed to come up with a great name for their magazine.

I scanned through the content and I am quite fond of it. The photo shoots get better every issue and I am sure this magazine will eventually be a really cool online concept. The magazine also has a lot of material and it’s stuff I actually want to read about because it is sticking to local and national coverage.

Usually, online magazines are difficult to navigate but this Z Mag is easy to go through, making the online browsing quite simple. Check out their latest issue at

Make sure to also take a look at their blog for more information about The Dinner Jacket.

My only advice is to make the text a little more legible when it’s on a darker background (page 14, 53, 60-61) and to use different models. I would also like to see more work with local talent in terms of stylists, fashion photographers and designers (feel free to contact me for some resources).

Good luck ladies!

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  1. Nice review on the magazine.
    I did the alter ego shots of the tattoo artist and graduate student.
    The photo shoots are fun and they are nice people too.

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