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90210, without Beverly Hills

If the OC and Gossip Girl weren’t enough, 40 year old producers decided to resurrect a classic eight years after it went off the air. The beloved Beverly Hills 90210 from the 1990’s is now called “90210”. Although I have much to write about commodity fetishism within these teen soaps (thanks to that degree of mine) I won’t. Instead, I am going to focus on the outfits and the characters in this show. Please note, I don’t have television so I watched the episodes online in terrible quality, and I also decided to sit through five episodes instead of one like a trooper, so I can observe the outfits throughout the episodes (maybe they’ll get better).


My favourite website, Gawker, wrote about how hideous and disappointing the outfits were on the new 90210 and now I know – they weren’t kidding. I think it’s episode 3 where the character Naomi (who slightly resembles a young Charlize Theron) is wearing the ugliest denim outfit EVER (I can’t find a picture online). Come to think of it, she’s supposed to be the stylish, rich and pretty girl but yet her style is not even Abercrombie preppy, it’s just really bad.



The other characters, mainly the main character Annie, also has very blah style. Oh Shenae Grimes, she still looks like she’s playing Darcy from Degrassi except with a confidence boost and Toronto is now Beverly Hills. Now, in Annie’s case, it’s okay that her style is boring because she’s from Kansas and all (according to the show that’s supposed to be “ohhh so gross”) but what about the other characters who are born and raised in money money Beverly Hills?



Throughout the 40-minute episodes, the only one that had any decent outfits was Kelly’s little sister Erin Silver (the actress is smoking hot by the way except she’s f’n skinny).



And then there’s that druggie music-actor girl Adrianna who is also really really pretty, BUT seems to have had one of those terrible First Choice hair cuts we all got in the fifth grade, except at a much more socially crucial age. Seriously…someone do something about that hair do, there’s just too much hair! She’s so pretty but you can’t see it behind that awful ‘do. Who hired the wardrobe people and hair dressers on this show any way?




Okay, let’s talk about the males. First, Ethan (why did I know they were going to name him that?) is quirky and cute, and he’s also another Canadian actor from the Northwest Territories. The show is packed with Canadian actors and well, good for them, although I would like to see more Canadian shows. Moving back to the males, most of them are good looking, mainly that Ty Collins dude, except they look way too old to be in high school, which is always the case in teen soaps. When I go back to my memory and think of high school (it was not that long ago), I don’t remember any boys being a) that cute and b) looking that old and being so mature (sort of). Ty is like eleven feet tall, scores tickets to great bands, is actually respectable (until episode 5), and took Annie to San Francisco on the first date. Um, 16 year old boys are not usually like that. But even though Ty sweats money, money can’t buy the man style (see episode 4 as reference).



Another boy on the show with bad style is Annie’s adoptive brother Dixon. Actually, his style is really awful, but the good thing is, it actually reminds me of how boys dressed up in high school. The only boy with fashion sense that suits his personality is Navid Shirazi, the son of the porn king. What I find funny is, although the kid looks Persian or East Indian and has a name that is from that region, we’re told he’s Jewish. Good job casting.



In conclusion, the new cast is better looking than the previous one, except far less interesting and a much smaller budget has been spent on one of the most important elements for the rich – wardrobe and hair.


Annie, Naomi and Silver
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  1. eurgh, nylon made them look sooo much better than they do on the show.
    i don’t watch the show, but i do have that issue with them on the cover.
    no, thanks to your review, i don’t really feel any need to watch the new ‘90210’


  2. i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you sister’s

  3. i think all the characters are graet, but for now my fav is Anni, Dixon,silver and TY ther all amazing and are keeping it real . there a quite

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