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At the Mainstream Revolution event, I spotted this young lad sporting a pair of Cheap Mondays. His awkward cuteness and fantastic taste in denim prompted me to get new Street Style contributor Alexandra M to snap his picture for the blog as I was in the midst of 67 conversations which never ended up getting anywhere.

Although various stylish individuals were in the crowd, none struck me as street style worthy. The event went great. People unfamiliar with the cause were given the opportunity to read up on the issue, check out and buy some t-shirts, eat some great vegetarian food courtesy of Castle Shawarma on Rideau, La Brioche on Bank, Contemporary Cuisine on Nicholas and Sitar on Rideau, and listen to Eric and Seb spin some fabulous hip-hop (the good stuff not the mainstream stuff).

Too bad Alex forgot to get his name. Young, Cheap Monday sporting lad, if you are reading this, what is your name?

P.S. His shoes are adorable too.


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  1. ahahaha i still can’t believe i forgot to get his name!

  2. Brandon

  3. hehehe thank you Brandon!

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