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Forced to live like it’s a curfew, translation means I love you

The organizers of the Ottawa Folk Festival managed to do it, bring Broken Social Scene to Ottawa that is. Every band that is worthy usually skips Ottawa as if it doesn’t happen to be Canada’s capital but this time around, BSS (insert heart) came. I have been a huge fan for awhile, their music really calms me and I dive back into nostalgia when I hear it, so for me, it was all fine and dandy to get eaten alive by some mosquitoes waiting for fresh blood at Brittania Beach.

First, Brendan Canning is such a babe. Yeah, I just said it, okay? Hit the Wall is amazing. I am hooked on that track. And Amy Millan was there, how sweet is that? I love Amy…like absolutely adore her. I really wish she played her only good song from her solo album “Skinny Boy”. She did, however, do “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” justice. Do you think Emily’s pissed?

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to immerse myself in the crowd and took 0 street style pictures. I actually did not happen to take my eyes off the stage at all. My explanation was that I was way too into the music, plus it was a tad bit cold and those mosquito bites were in unreachable places (i.e. on my knees and I wear quite the tight pair of pants so itching was hard).

Any way, we were pretty close to the action so enjoy some shots below.








sorry for the quality…


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