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Iman, planet earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do

Project Runway Canada Season 2 is being shot in Ottawa yet has anyone been able to get a glimpse of Iman yet? Or Brian Bailey at least? I would assume she is staying at the Chateau Laurier or the Arc Hotel? Or maybe to ensure her protection, they moved her to Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata…

The July 24th edition of the Ottawa Citizen managed to basically reveal the shooting location so if anyone has some time to stalk or something, report back if there has been any Iman sightings. Please send pictures, camera phones are everywhere these days so you have no excuses!!

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  1. I think I saw Brian Bailey just in front of Rideau…it was on the first of August.

  2. Hey Iman. I wish that u single. I allwayz was u r numbar one fan then i get crash on you. Maaan. u so lookin good. I even dont care if you mary girl. Am soo jelouse

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