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Please be advised, it doesn’t get any cooler than this

Yeah, I’m talking about my shoes. Dope, aren’t they?


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  1. DOPE! lol…been looking for them in black, I have them in white but Ottawa doesn’t seem to have the black ones anywhere!! help! 😦

  2. sorry friend, these are from H&M in T-dot. They are actually one size smaller than my actual shoe size but I loved them so much I had to purchase them…where did you get white ones from? they sound awesome!!

  3. I cant believe I’m About to say this…but i got them from ……
    WalMart…loll…also a size lower than mine :p…but they stretched out so i’m good…they were the last pair too…I think I’ll hit up H&M asap…thanks!! love your blog!

  4. I am angry at you OttStunner. why wouldn’t you admit they are from wal mart? seriously i have some sick gold shoes from wal mart and giant tiger has helped me with some flats along the way…no shame, no denial. i also love joe fresh. like i said before, i dont spend $$$ on shoes unless i physically fell in love with them. deep.
    thanks for reading the blog OttStunner, people like you make me happy.

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