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Me et Moi & Victoire

Due to my lack of time, or breathing, whichever, I have been unable to post these until now. A few weeks ago, Me et Moi designers, who you might remember from Ottawa Fashion Week, had a launch party for their line at Victoire boutique on Dalhousie. The party was cool although there wasn’t much interaction because some people seem to be anti-social, however, I did snap a few stylish women and snatched a few delicious cupcakes. Food was great Regine and Katie, seriously, it always is, I love the display, it’s fantastic. I want to invite you over to make cupcakes and teach me how to make them.

Before I proceed to the pictures I want to explain something about what I discovered at this launch party, it’s something that, if you’ve worked in fashion in the city you’ll know very clearly: designers really need to start hiring some PR and Marketing representatives in order to help them with presentation of their work.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Me et Moi’s line, their marketing efforts however, are in need of some fine tuning. I am not being mean or critical, if you are reading this ladies from Me et Moi, this is constructive criticism from someone who can potential be working for you. Free advice – I will break it down:

  • A flyer was passed, on it a biography, a picture of the girls taken at fashion week and their logo. The colour white on the 4×6 flyer for some reason was quite unappealing, the design did not represent what the line was at all and it basically made me not want to buy the clothes because it felt amateur and when you look at the clothes, although they are fresh out of school, it does not look that way.
  • Business card: the 80s are over, that white background with the crisp finish we remember from American Psycho screams Wall Street and Me et Moi is far from that. This is a card Talbots would have. I know that one is a blow but seriously ladies, I am helping you out here because I really like your line. Let me analyze: be more bold, use both sides maybe, represent your brand. The card in my hands shows that it was done quickly with no real thought. If a card is well done, people tend to keep it, and that’s what you want right? My business card for example, which can be found if you dig hard enough (i.e. portfolio link), was very well thought of and makes people jump back and be like “wow, that’s awesome.” The other thing is, it says fashion designer and stylist. Okay. There are three of you

I assume it should say “fashion designers and stylists?” What kind of stylists? Wardrobe? Specify.

  • Email and website: You were featured in Flare because the representative loved your stuff which is FANTASTIC, however, when people google you, they can’t find anything. New media has provided us the gift of free, a blogspot, wordpress, whatever will do you some good. Also,[at] Gmail murders hotmail. Seriously, no joke – Why?

There are numerous other things that I can write, but I won’t give away all my secrets. What I will say is, designers in Ottawa and across Canada need to think of hiring Marketing and PR people simply to show their work better. Yeah it costs a bit of money but think of the long-term benefit of this investment. Working at fashion week I noticed a lot of designers had extreme difficulty promoting themselves and selling their products because they were unable to put together a decent display, or a press kit. ASK FOR HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS, IT WILL BE ESSENTIAL FOR THE REST OF YOUR CAREER. For advice you can email me, believe me, although I live in Ottawa, I’ve seen my share, and buyers here are ferocious, it’s hard to make it in anywhere because people feel superior since the Parliament rises above them.







Original. I like the bracelet and the moccasins



This girl is seriously adorable

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  2. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Just out of curiosity, you believe your business card is nicer than, for example, this?

  4. If you are looking for people to hire you, maybe you should learn to market yourself in a more appealing and diplomatic way. Just a thought.

  5. anonymous comments always have nothing but negative things to say because they can hide behind the shield of anonymity. i don’t know what you’re referring to in terms of “appealing” and “diplomatic” however, a blog is not the key to my skills, i rely on my personality and skills to get a job thanks. plus i would get a personal blog and promote my services, i just hint at them here. and if people who hire publicists that tell them what they want to hear instead of the truth – then that’s too bad.

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