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À cause des garcons

Comme des Garcons is one of my favourite designers because the collections were always known for their innovation, creativity, and how they were completely unmatched on the runway. But now, Comme des Garcons, which has always been considered the line that is unattainable by ALL means, has sold out and become just another Lagerfeld, Cavalli and McCartney. If you’re confused about my statement, I am talking about their new collection for H&M. Take a second to swallow that. I am right here waiting.

So yeah, for hardcore Comme des Garcons fans; I feel you cringing as you are reading this. It is disappointing for numerous reasons. Although I am a fan of H&M, I am not a fan of the madness that ensues when a known designer creates a line for the Swedish retail giant. Can women really get that excited about cheap designer duds? Like seriously dude chill out it’s a shirt! Over commercialization I think.

The case with Comme des Garcons is different because they have guerrilla stores located in remote areas around the world. For them to turn around and design a “limited edition” line for H&M completely contradicts the whole statement of the guerrilla stores now doesn’t it? This is not a case of the “I was young and needed money” type of designer, these [Cavalli, Lagerfeld, Comme des Garcons] are established and respected designers who made their way to the top by doing something different and revolutionizing fashion. Jumping on the H&M bandwagon is giving into the trend and mass production. Shame Comme des Garcons, boy I am disappointed.

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  1. I feel you, I do. I think it’s more of opening fashion up to more audiences and/or allowing those who can’t necessarily buy from these big names a chance to. But I understand what you’re saying, it does seem like a sell-out. I guess to me it just reminds me more of how designers sell things at Target now to make fashion more accessible to the public or to help budding designers – which is a different scenario, one you mentioned. I don’t know how I feel, I know this is old news but still I guess I’m split. :/

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