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Katy Perry’s Bad Rap

Text: Emily P.

Emily P. is a contributor for Ottawa Street Style

At its fourth week at the top of the Billboards, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” is nothing but a hit and success for this new artist. She is beautiful and can actually sing, check out her live performance, “Mannequin” on I wonder, though, why this soulful, smart and, yes, catchy song wasn’t her first choice for a first single? Perhaps because it doesn’t make the cut in the club scene; or maybe her witty analogies and heartfelt words wouldn’t be understood by some, but then I realized it didn’t quite have the same potential.

With the addition of KhaK Black and a completely new, re-vamped music video, this song has been turned into a seedy soft porn flick with a whole lot of unrealistically choreographed make-out moments. No doubt Katy Perry’s first experience with a woman provoked such a song but she mentioned Chapstick, not lingerie, and the first time I heard the original I thought it was innocent and kind of funny.

Suddenly, KhaK chimes in, “Give me a minute, I’m ready to fuck” and this song changes completely. What we have now is yet another rap video, chalk full of attractive women dancing around a not-so-attractive man. The words “You’s a bad bitch” come slithering out of his mouth and anything liberating or even whimsical about this song is now demeaning with a chauvinistic message. Hopefully, though, this version won’t make the airwaves, as it really adds nothing more to the song, other than telling these girls to do something they’re clearly already doing.

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  1. I predict this new trend:

    “I kissed a boy.” Performed by a gay singer, maybe Lance Bass or a non gay, but quite androgynous, famous person named Pete Wentz. This reminds me of the time TLC released “No Scrubs” and then Sporty Thievz (yeah who knows) released “No Pigeons”.

  2. so many remixes…

    i have about 15 on my laptop.

  3. i kissed a girl becomes the most remixed song of 2008 just like d.a.n.c.e. got remix raped in ’07

  4. wait for love lockdown to get going. I predict the remix record of the decade. easily.

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