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Born – Again Christian: Dior – The Not-So-New-Look by Emily P.

Emily P. is Ottawa Street Style’s latest contributor.

Armed with a pack of devout followers, Dior’s fall collection could be considered a rare religious experience. In 1947, Christian Dior released the “New Look,” which consisted of a nipped-in waist , rounded shoulders and a very full skirt. It was a historical fashion moment as women waved goodbye to pleated pants and boyish shift dresses as if to re-claim their femininity.


While androgynous trends come and go, it’s the house of Dior that hearkens a certain patriotism, the good-ol’ days and the start of the French fashion scene. Dior’s famous beginning is not only in fashion season after season, it is with us in spirit. Christian Dior is one of the most recognizable names in fashion. Its yearly re-invention of a classic has proven to resonate in women, past, present and, surely, women of the future. Dior’s resurrection of graceful and refined elegance has proven most popular amongst its devotees.

After Yves Saint-Laurent was called away in order to serve in the military, Mr. Marc Bohan was called to duty, this time at the house of Dior. It was perhaps Bohan who brought Dior back to its lady-like, luxe reputation after Saint-Laurent’s more daring and drastic designs had almost changed the face of the line. Without Bohan, there may not have been a Gianfranco Ferre, next in line at the house, or even a Galliano.


Galliano’s designs hover above the crowd and arrive at the golden gates of the Fashion World. Structured jackets, skull caps and architectural angles resurface and walk among us mere mortals. Galliano sticks to classical roots while mingling his noted dramatic flare calling it “fresh couture – restrained and refined.”
Dior, transcended in time and place, from France in the ‘40s to modern North America has us praying for more. Amen.


Yves Saint Laurent with fashion sketch:
John Galliano, Fall 2008, first look:
Bohan design:

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