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Here today, gone tomorrow!

I’ve been writing quite a few letters and posting them on the blog as of late…just for fun. But I realized that they might actually get attention from people that matter (i.e. those they are directed to). A few times in the past couple of months, I’ve written a post about something or someone and received an email almost instantly from the person or representative of that company answering me. So this is far fetched but I am going to try it out. A letter that will never (or maybe will) be read to the one and only Donatella Versace.



Dear Donatella,

For the past ten years, I have sat down and watched you take a classic and established brand (thanks to your brother Gianni) and shred its reputation to bits. Take this letter as an intervention. For the sake of the Versace name, please stop using celebs in the ad campaigns! Since you’ve destroyed pretty much anything worthy about Versace, I have become anti your brand but I do get disappointed when I see celebrities wearing your clothes in the advertisements. Have you sunk so low? The celebrities “model replacement program” stopped a few years ago, why are you one of the only brands STILL using celebrities? With all honesty, Donna (is that ok for me to call you that?), I loved looking at Jonathan Rhys-Meyers but, you are including the most mainstream type of celebrities (read: Patrick Dempsey) in there. You and I both know that in two years time, these boys and girls will be washed up and their fans will know them for what they USED to be. Whoever is taking care of your advertising, get them to call my people and we’ll work it out. Promise.

Ottawa Street Style



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  1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers may become too washed up for fashion shoots in two years time, or perhaps too expensive for these promotional deals, but he will not be over and washed up in the world of entertainment anytime soon. He’s still successfully starring in The Tudors and has a Golden Globe for his depiction of Elvis. His resume provides enough basis to garner him consistent work in the future.

  2. i loved that letter. should make it a regular feature.

  3. the initial argument of this is that when I look at fashion (whether magazine, advertising campaigns, etc), I would much rather see fashion models than celebrities. Save the celebrities for the tabloids, fashion magazines are for models and other aspects of the FASHION INDUSTRY not HOLLYWOOD.

    Anonymous, I was not hating on Jonathan, except the ads he’s in are quite awful. You forgot to mention that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is a babe.

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