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Life is just a [glossy] fantasy

Remember that Dolce & Gabbana ad that came out in March of last year? You know…the one that caused massive outrage and was banned from certain countries? Well, any way, I call the ad, for lack of a good name or maybe just to go along with the imagery, ‘Gang Rape is a Good Thing.’ (NOT THAT I THINK IT IS A GOOD THING OR ENDORSE GANG RAPE WHATSOEVER).

D&G, known for their provocative and edgy advertising campaigns, did not necessarily see the problem with 4 dudes watching another dude take down a beautiful woman by her wrists in a form of “I am so about to bang you right now!” type of pose. D&G claims, they were simply trying to capture a male fantasy. RIGHT. Because every man (at least the ones I know) wants 4 other of his friends, all equally as glossy, to watch him rape a girl in her D&G outfit, and then when he’s done with her, his buddies get their share.

In my opinion, this might as well be another AXE ad because it is (like I had mentioned before in Ohhh les hommes) representing women as sex objects and is very, very degrading. No matter how many times a company apologizes for putting it out, the fact of the matter is, they still did.

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  1. The Ad campaign i am lovin’ now is the Belvedere Vodka one. Shot by Terry Richardson.

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