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Sighting – Massari

A friend just texted me letting me know she spotted Massari at Florida Fitness in the St-Laurent Shopping Centre, looking like his usual Gino self. I completely forgot about that guy until now, I can’t believe he released that terrible album of his 3 years ago.

Do you think he wears white square toe dress shoes to the gym also?

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  2. cornwall street style

    we just saw belly at the salad bar @ ponderosa, he looks fab!

  3. You know what it is not nice to hate massari is an amazing artist and he makes 9993484398483 times more money then youll ever see in your life. the only reason ur hateing is cuz your jealous so you know wat fuck off and go buy a life off ebay!

  4. dude, lorena’s comment is hilarious. this is going to be a post by itself. wait for it, its coming.

  5. h love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu masssssssssssri

  6. MASSARII I love you!!! (L):D you are the beStt!:P

  7. love your songs…

  8. we all love you massari,love your songs..REAL LOVE FROM ALL YOUR FANS..

  9. i love you massari

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