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90 pounds of eyeliner

Wanted is a terrible movie. I cannot sit through another movie where Angelina Jolie is wearing more eyeliner than her weight and acting like some 90 pound action hero. She’s a babe but honestly, she’s got to go back to good roles or I am going to start boycotting her films.

I can’t believe I paid $10 for this shit – I want a refund. Not for my $10 but for that 1 hour and 50 minutes of my life where I could have been doing other things instead of ACTUALLY watching a movie that reviewers said was worth it. LIES!!!

OK, there was some good action, good cinematography, but it was also mixed in with bad acting (not to mention typecast movie stars) and IT boys (read: James McAvoy).

It seems this is the road Hollywood has been going down for awhile: “James, you did well in Atonement so the people who run Hollywood want to give you all the lead male roles in every other new Hollywood film that has an A-list cast. This trend will continue for the next year and a half, afterwards, you will be replaced by some other charming young gentleman. What do you think?”


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  1. noooo that was an amazing movie what are you talking about??

  2. ok you little piece of shi what are you talking about maybe you are to dumb to see but you are the only person that hated it so screw you

  3. Max, you should learn some manners. Calling someone a piece of shit for voicing their opinion over a dumb movie any way is retarded. This blog’s content is too old for you any way, go play xbox or something because by the looks of your comment, I think you are around 12-14 years old.

  4. you dont know what your talking about you idiot

  5. @Sam and Max: I don’t moderate comments on this site because I believe in freedom of speech. However, when you disagree with an article, you can have a little more CLASS expressing it. Calling people names does not really get a point across (you may think it does when you’re a child), maybe try having a valid argument?

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