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Blackberries, Coffee cups, tissues and fanny packs


It all started with Renee, and then it became…


Renee and friends

Renee and friends


Wig man always deliverin’ to your house


Great shades and t-shirt


I love your grandmother’s sandals, and that Nina Ricci scarf you doubled as a belt (too bad I didn’t get a closer pic)

All party, all the time

Ramata, Model

American Apparel skirt/Vintage belt/D&G shades
Fanny packs


You haven’t heard? Fanny packs are back! Models are so hot for them right now…


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  1. Right down from my place, I live downtown.

  2. tooo bad the women of ottawa (a few of them pictured here , namely..) act like they’ve never had their picture taken before…why don’t you represent as a classy stylish individual rather than trashy – unattractive attention seekers..maybe then Ottawa would get a good fashion reputation- some of the outfits could have carried a few compliments until they turn us off by licking each other like animals…

  3. I think it adds something to the picture, a sort of personality, finesse to their everyday character. There are many trashy women, however, I do not believe any of them are to be found on this blog.

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