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Where are all the foreign looking models?




I really like the Burberry campaign shot by wonderful photographer Mario Testino. However, I’ve been looking at Burberry ads for a long time and there is always a lack of ethnicity in their campaigns. The most ethnic they’ve gone was when they featured Naomi Campbell in their ads.

The brand should keep in mind that in order to keep a bond with England, they should represent its people. The country is filled with minorities. It would be nice to mash it up once in awhile. Maybe its because I live in Canada and the industry here features more ethnic looking models to balance our multicultural society.

My thoughts any way.

I do very much respect Burberry for steering clear of extremely provocative campaigns.

And, props to Testino for shooting over 10 models in one shot!

Naomi Campbell picture from:
Others from:

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  1. I’m going crazy for that burberry turquoise trech coat!!!

    I want it!!

  2. Maybe they want to represent classic white england even though it’s not like that anymore.

  3. Well there has recently been a huge issue on this as well, in the July issue of Vogue they try and speak about, but then they use only 3 models and a one page article? Go figure.

  4. has anyone seen the all Vogue Italy issue – a tribute to Black models? Maybe advertisers will follow the route of hiring more ethnic models?

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