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While shopping downtown today, I got the chance to chat with Regine from Victoire. She informed me that the store is no longer selling April 77 jeans due to a fall out with the Canadian supplier. There you have it – confirmation. No more April’s in Ottawa. I did tell Regine that she should try something to get them back in store because they are only in Toronto at Carte Blanche and nowhere else. She said “we’ll see”. So if you love April’s and any other brands we don’t have here (there’s a lot we don’t have), suggest it to the store owners!

Also on my shopping trip, I was disappointed to see the lack of stores we have. Seriously, please, someone open up something else on the Dalhousie Strip!


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  1. Just to clarify…It was not due to a fall-out, but because they are no longer distributed in North America. Which means we would have to order them from the European distributor, sight unseen, since we don’t do our buying in Europe.

    I agree that we would love to have more shops on the block! The more support we get from Ottawa shoppers, the more appealing it will be for indie shops to open.

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