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This is why we can’t be friends

Recently, I did something unthinkable and merely unimaginable in my life. I signed a phone contract. For those who know me, you must be dying of shock at this news right now. For those who don’t, let me explain.

I have been with my phone company for 3 years without ever signing a contract. Why is this such a big deal for me? Because it’s commitment, a big step, something you’re stuck with, like a marriage of some sort. Any way, I did it due to a) no longer being a student b) needing to save money if I am going to pursue what I have in mind in the next few months and c) the company threw in a few freebies while I ranted to them on the phone about how much of a step this is for me. Oh and d) Buying GSM phones from overseas for over $400 is no longer an option, but paying $150 for a $600 phone is.

Luckily the new PDA I have has a camera, which allowed me to take the picture below. My old PDA, which I love so dearly (aesthetically and sentimentally – I’m looking at him right now) did not and I was never able to take pictures of people wearing awful outfits secretly. Taking out my digital camera and pretending to look at it while the lens is clearly pointing in their direction is quite offensive, so that wasn’t an option!

I have loathed outfits like these forever and finally today, I am able to rant about it by including a picture. It has occurred to me that at least 85% of men over the age of 40 (with a lack of style) wear outfits like these. Especially to work. Why? Why? The colour and material of the pants, the pattern on the shirt, the belly, the shoes (not pictured). There is no symbiosis, it remains a mystery as to why you would wake up in the morning and think this is a good outfit. These outfits, in my opinion, should be burned at the stake. Next time you find yourself adventurous, count how many men you see wearing an outfit similar to this.


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  1. So what should we wear?

  2. Many things! There are so many options available to men now. You can get some tips from the various men magazines such as GQ, Sir Magazine, Cargo, you can hire a personal shopper who will help you out (I can recommend one if you’re interested), you can visit blog after blog and get ideas ( – The Sartorialist), TV, etc. All these will give you tips on how to dress age appropriate and for occasions! If you do insist on wearing an outfit similar to this, please, no pants with pleats (something fitted) and try and keep the shirt at a neutral colour with minimal patterns and make sure it compliments the pants.

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