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Project Runway Season 2 shooting in Ottawa

Yeah that’s right you heard it, Project Runway Canada Season 2 will be shot in the nation’s capital…OTTAWA! We beat out Toronto. The city is moving up in the fashion ranks!


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  2. Oh wow I had no idea, I’ll watch it now;)

  3. we didn’t beat out toronto. producers decide to get more canadians invovled and hopefully have each season in a different city.

  4. And exactly where will they be buying fabric while in Ottawa? Ha. The closest place to get decent fabric at a decent price is Montreal.

  5. What? Don’t you have a Fabricland in Ottawa? I saw some nice pink and white gingham there once.

  6. since it is shooting in ottawa there should be jobs for some of us freelancers. any websites??

  7. @gareth: shooting ended on Wednesday, so therefore, they are probably back in the studio editing most of the stuff. sucks i know.

  8. Since when was it a competition? I don’t care where it is filmed, however I find it sad that there are people out there so prejudice like Jenn that they would avoid a show simply because of the location it is filmed. Jenn.. you REALLY hate 5 million people THAT much? That is a lot of hate to hold.

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