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This took awhile to post and I must apologize. I have been having some serious Internet troubles the past few days, coupled with an overflow of emails and work. So again, I do sincerely apologize to ❤ who sent me this that I did not post it sooner.

This is a mix from a local DJ who goes by the name of “<3” (it makes a heart) . The mix was created for Mother’s Day and so as a supporter of local artists, musicians and such, why not give him a chance to get his stuff heard? You can download it at the link below, it’s a z-share link.

If you’re interested hit me back and let me know what you think!

Happy Mother’s Dai Mix

Facebook page:

Email: vague-panda [at]


  1. kung fu is my mom – wreckshin
  2. in my time – ytcracker
  3. sunny sunny sunday – rai
  4. so long kids – ultraklyson
  5. joystickin’ – benjamin bear
  6. internet relationships – lars
  7. rapgirl – lars
  8. big bizang – hawking
  9. I heart fags – frontalot
  10. ms. fat booty – beefy
  11. generic crunk rap – lars
  12. last fantasy – benjamin bear

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