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My fascination for denim must come to an end! It’s a costly addiction, worst than alcohol, cigarettes or drug dependency. I am a recovering denimhead, trying only to look but not buy, and I slip once in awhile, especially when a beautiful person, whether male or female, is selling me these jeans. It makes it that much more interesting, just like the way a less attractive person becomes attractive when you’re intoxicated. On my recent trip to Toronto, I stopped by Carte Blanche on Queen Street West where I laid my eyes on a pair of beautiful raw April 77 Joey jeans. After chatting with the sales lady for over twenty minutes, who just so happens to be one of the most stunning women I have ever seen in my life, she swiped my credit card and I walked out of the store with a fresh pair of April’s, one of the rarest brands to find in Canada, which, surprisingly, can be found in Ottawa. The denim is thick and soft. These jeans are amazing, I love them dearly.

The coolest part? The small fifth pocket we are accustomed to is transformed into a shield like shape in order to fit a guitar pick. Better yet, not only do you get a fine pair of jeans, but once you explore the neat pocket you will find an April 77 guitar pick inside. Whether or not you play guitar, that’s pretty damn cool!

“Shield” like pocket with the guitar pick

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  1. where can you get them in ottawa? i must know! i just came back from paris and hitting up the april store was definitely a highlight of my trip!

  2. You’re so lucky, hitting up the april store in Paris! I’m jeals!
    the last i heard Victoire boutique on Dalhousie sells april 77, but the last time I was there was a long time ago. Surely if you contact them they will let you know! Their website is

  3. Sweet pants. Love the ‘Pick Pocket’.

  4. so, where in ottawa can i go to find good sales help for purchasing a pair of good jeans? i need some honest opinions, not a sales associate who just wants to make a sale.

  5. hmm, Meanie i think you visited a certain store that does that frequently. i won’t mention any names but their associate once sold me a pair of jeans that I paid a lot of money for and the fit is horrible. she lied about the sizing, they stretched out sooooooo much. Any way enough about that. The lady at Carte Blanche was one of the most awesome people I’ve ever met, she gave me an honest opinion and we talked, she was REAL. In Ottawa, there are a few small boutiques you’ll find that, notably I would say Inaas at Milk – talk to her and I’m sure you’ll be chatting for 30 minutes. I haven’t shopped downtown in awhile so I should go back and judge the customer service then write a report!!!

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