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Melody Hits

This is what I call creative marketing! The television campaign featured below is for the company Melody Hits, a type of Much Music station in Egypt. This campaign is absolutely hilarious and so well put together.

I personally enjoy comparing Western popular culture to the Middle Eastern version. The Middle East, as conservative as it may seem, is quite influenced by Western culture, especially when it comes to musicians. I find that singers from Lebanon and Egypt tend to be a little more provocative than those from North America, mainly due to the seductive and sexual look of Middle Eastern women. Caucasian women are softer and do not evoke as much sex appeal, see the sample below where I compare Haifa Wehbe (a popular Lebanese singer) to Britney Spears in her hay day. Haifa’s bedroom eyes are a lot more welcoming than Britney’s, she looks WAY sexier and as if she’s into S&M, Britney on the other hand, looks a lot less intimidating and as if she enjoys candles. So no matter how much Haifa is covering up her skin and as much as Britney is not, Haifa will still look more sexually welcoming.

Ok back to the campaign, its hilarious, and even more hilarious if you’re Middle Eastern because the mannerisms and characters remind people of Egypt so much.

Haifa Wehbe photo from:
Britney Spears photo from:

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  2. britney spears eu te amo

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